Monday, 11 May 2009

365 Rotations

Hey hey hey! As of today, I have now been attached for one year! This is interesting news, seeing as how I didn't think I'd ever be attached, never mind for one whole year. Bizarre!

And so, as I can't really think of anything else to do to mark the occasion without making everyone vomit, LINKDUMP!

The opening stages:
Justify (the first day)
Don't Wanna Die (one of the best days)
Week Without Wanking (the one where everyone twigs)

The love posts:
Rain (it's about kisses)
Flutter (it's about hope)
Coffee, Cake and Love (it's about a journey)
Romantik (it's in London)

The sex posts:
Sleepy, frisky, tentative and passionate... (good-morning sex)
The Edge of Vanilla (light bondage sex)
Public Display of Attention (public orgasm #1)
Je t'adore (le sexe en fran├žais
Again! Again! (public orgasm #2)
From the Gutter Theatrical (naughty play-watchers)
Watchme(n) (public orgasm #3)

Presence in Sleep (whimsy)
Helpful Boyfriend is Helpful (I'm helping!)
seduction: ur doin it rong (lol!)
It's My Valentine's (holiday reminiscences)

And, of course:
Best. Post. Ever.

I'll write a real post at some point soon, but for now, enjoy my above writings if you're that starved for entertainment.

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