Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Post-Teen Titan(s?) GO!

So, yeah, things aren't too great at the moment. There's nothing bad, per se, but work is pissing me off with its inefficiency, I don't have any money whatsoever and the creative endeavours I'm meant to be trying to do this week (I'm on holiday, allegedly) are being marred by my lack of motivation and drive. I even lack the necessary energy to get off my fat arse and into the shower, and I have a stupid beard at the moment that makes me look like Clive Owen gone wrong. Which I really need to shave off, because:

a) it looks ridiculous
b) it isn't deliberate
c) it causes stubble rash
d) it really looks ridiculous

On the love front, though, things are okay. Yes, I spent two weeks without seeing my lover and that was, frankly, shit. I did, however, spend all of my Easter weekend invading Oxford (London, to be honest, is actually getting boring. Great city, and all, but there are too many bloody people around...), and it was


...although to be honest there hasn't been much competition. The rest of my family isn't Christian and therefore we haven't really 'done' Easter insofar as going any further than chocolate eggs. Yes, I do like chocolate eggs; I have, however, never before been to a lovely little church and taken part in an Anglican communion on Easter Sunday before. So I did that. Blimey, what an experience.

We also saw a lot of films - namely, Monsters Versus Aliens (funny, but could've been a little better), The Boat That Rocked (sort of what you'd expect - good, but a little too long, with a fantastic ending), The Edge Of Love (Dylan Thomas with shotguns and grenades), Little Miss Sunshine (still one of the best) and... er... The Princess Bride.

That's the thing, you see, there are a load of princess-based films I still haven't seen. I am being educated in that fact.

So, I went home and had some crisps, ate some chocolate and felt sick, learned how to play a new song, toyed with the idea of doing a gig, avoided coursework, and got really really bored very very quickly. Then I got this phonecall this morning, and it was my girlfriend, and she's not feeling well, and so I'm going to get up and have that shower, shave my stupid beard off, get into some fresh clothes, charge up my energy using the box I got this morning and go BACK TO OXFORD!

No longer am I on hold... I'M A MAN ON A MISSION!

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Anonymous said...

I love the beard!

Love From Me xx