Thursday, 16 April 2009


I woke up this morning in my girlfriend's bed. She wasn't in it; allegedly, she had been uncomfortable (presumably with my HUGE BULK taking up so much space), and went to sleep on the sofa. This is my fault as I said we should have been snuggling in her minuscule bed rather than the handly double-sofa-bed that we usually occupy. Anyway, for whatever reason, I woke up a little alone but soon found her. It was very odd, I woke up immediately from a dream - can't remember what the dream was about but it involves a fictional journey to Leicester that I've had in a dream before - so that I physically lifted my head and the picture immediately cut from the bus to the bedroom, like instantaneous teleportation from the Dark World to the Light World.

It wasn't much of a visit - more of a flying overnight trip with cocktails somehow involved, followed by pizza - but at least I was glad to be there, for a while at least. I saw her off to work and then her mother drove me back to the house, wherein I sheltered from the torrential rain and checked Facebook for a while before decidable I really out to get home. While casually stealing a drink from her fridge, I noticed that her name was spelled out in magnetic letters. It has been for a while, actually. But on its own? Dude, that just ain't right.

Painstakingly, on my knees, I rearranged the letters and carefully spelled out - i l o v e y o u l o t s - which I placed underneath her name. There, I thought, that's an improvement.

I've been sent a picture of it on my phone, so I'm assuming she approves, in any case.


Lisa ann D. said...

That's super cute, and Literati is definitely my favorite game to play on Yahoo.
I like your blog; got it from Anna (she wanted us to say so).

Innocent Loverboy said...

Praise be to Anna! Stick around and maybe we can play Literati some time!