Friday, 24 April 2009

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

How interesting it is that the amygdala happens to be the technical term for a small section of your brain which controls emotions. If it is, then I have a rather large amygdala which is wired up to my heart, because I've long suspected that it's my heart, rather than my brain (or even my crotch), that does the thinking. Still, after being incredibly sexist by suggesting that girls have more developed amygdalae, our lecturer decided to show us a video she'd found on YouTube of... another lecturer.

While this other lecturer was... well, very American, which we all found amusing, our lecturer had neglected to tell us that some joker had cut this YouTube video up and stuck "pictures" in it to illustrate the American lecturer's point. When he mentioned the "4 Fs" that scientists refer to (fear, fighting, fleeing and fucking) there was a picture illustrating each of those. Of course, the last picture was of two lions mating. We also got elephants, bears, monkeys and all other animals resident on the Discovery Channel's "Sex Hour".

Of course, that wasn't it. The American lecturer (who was in black and white, by the way, which is what made it so interesting) then went on this long spiel about sexual behaviour, and how it is linked to 'incredible stimuli' from the amygdala itself. At which point we were treated to pictures of lesbians curled around each other, artful nude pictures, several-participant orgies and stills from soft porn. He even went so far as to mention doggy style, with accompanying picture - and erections, with accompanying... um... photo of a banana.

Amusing as this may have been, I wonder what it says about our college that they have to get our attention like this?

Not that I'm complaining, mind you!

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Isabella Snow said...

And people say the Brits are sexually repressed...