Sunday, 19 April 2009

Good morning, world!

I woke up in a rather dodgy hotel in Bath Spa this morning, as it happens, in a four-poster bed with net curtains. Yes, I understand this may be hard to believe, but we've decided among us that the hotel was decidedly seedy because it appears to be under new management; ergo: the chipped paint of the skirting-boards, the lack of operational windows, the hard-to-manage radiators, the beds without duvets, et ceteri. TD was exiting the bed, heading for the bathroom, and it was probably the slight jolt from her getting up which awoke me. I lay there, silent and still. Her side, I decided, was warmer, so I shuffled backwards a bit, staying on my side but with a bit less space available in hers.

TD came back out of the bathroom, and noticing a small-girl-sized shape between me and the side of the bed (where I had been a few minutes beforehand), slipped into it, with me still hovering in the ghostland between awake and asleep, but aware enough of what was going on to slip my arms around her and hold her tight, spooning her and feeling a very warm body pressed against mine, like two pieces of a jigsaw. I can't remember how many times I said "I love you" throughout the next fifteen-or-so-minutes, but it must have been a lot. It needed to be said during that moment.

As daylight crept steadily back into our room, and senses regained themselves, it occurred to me that we were naked. Not that this was overly unusual in that a lot of time I spend in bed happens to involve me being naked, but at this point in time it seemed like it was more significant. Not sure if I know why, exactly.
I moved to lie on top of her and we fell into some repetitive, deep kisses. My hands slid down her sides and brushed her hips lightly. I kissed down her neck, felt her tits well-formed and warm underneath my chest. A few words were exchanged, her legs opened and I adjusted my position.

There was very little further foreplay. This was real and immediate and exciting. No oral sex on either end, no sly fingers going where they shouldn't. We'd done all that the night before. That was amazing, with the Durex Play Ultra added on making for super mega powerful intense orgasms, but we both seemed to know that, first thing in the morning, we didn't need to be any more turned on, and we could always save what remained of the battery power for the Durex Play Ultra. So there we were. First thing in the morning on a short weekend away, and we ha some catching-up to do.

I moved forward and felt a little shudder as I penetrated the vagina, and feeling comfortable and relaxed, I steadily slid my cock into her, feeling the warming wetness surround me once again, her body adjusting to reacquaint herself with having me inside.

And thus, it begins...

I don't know where all my energy came from - might have been something to do with having sex practically immediately after waking up, or the fact that I've been missing her very badly. Or it may have been the fact that we were having a weekend away, in a hotel... I mean, there's always something uninhibiting about hotel sex. But whatever the reason, it was good. I just kept getting faster, breathing heavily and raggedly into her shoulder as I kept my hips thrusting, my cock sliding in and out and feeling wetter every second... until the inevitable climax. She wrapped her whole body around mine - arms, legs gripping me tightly - as she came, and of course that tipped me over the edge, and I felt myself shoot into her, accompanied by reflex hip-thrusts...

I found myself eventually pulling out of her after a while lying there glowing. It was time for a shower and then possibly joining her friend, with accompanying 12-year-old daughter, to ruthlessly exploit the hotel's complementary breakfast. Nothing says "good morning, lover" like energetic spontaneous sex followed by a hearty gorging.

That is a new fact. Kindly quote me on it.


Lisa ann D. said...

Wow. In several ways.
For one, that was actually kind of hot (haha) and I enjoyed the dirty yet loving aspect of it. Also, I still feel slightly shocked and I'm not sure why. I've read similar things, but maybe it's knowing it was real; reading the personal intimacies of someone. That, or I'm just so used to the conservative American views. Even though I disagree with them, it's hard to completely break away.

Anyway, enjoyed it! And Literati would be great if we ever get around to it.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Are you sure there's so much conservatism in America? I'd be more inclined to say that the traditional, somewhat true-blue ideals of many Brits (myself not included, of course) would suggest that the British public would be more shocked at what is, quite frankly, a very graphic post. Then again, it's probably because of the old-British values that young-British people are becoming more sexually liberated.

I prefer to consider myself European, anyway.

And yes, Literati would be good, what time zone are you in? Hit me up on MSN is you can.

TiffanyLillian said...

I like the deatails you leave in your blogs, almost turns the blog into a picture in my head! I love it!

Nice Job, once again :)

Lisa ann D. said...

Sometimes, I think it's all relative to individuals or certain areas, but in America, you'd never see commercials or ads with any "private" parts showing. I've heard many people who've gone to Europe have seen many of these, which is kind of what it felt like. Maybe it's all just a gray area.
Oh, and my time zone is Eastern. It's 1:09 p.m. right now, don't know if that helps.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Europe, yes. But that's continental Europe. Like, the continental Europe with fantastic sex education, artful erotic films and very low teenage pregnancy rates. That's not what we get in Britain, oh no no no.