Friday, 3 April 2009

Addiction XI: Skin

My back causes me a lot of pain. Because I have a very low pain threshold, and hypersensitivity to boot, a small itch - with (that thing that itches tend to do because they are bastards) the inevitable increase - makes me writhe and scratch and make odd noises.

Oh no, wait, that's sex.

I have already written about how I love being scratched, and it's true that it's an incredible turn-on, but then again so is the gentle trace of fingernails upwards on the skin, so I think that may be the 'caring touch' thing that is the turn-on point. An itch is great when it's being scratched (scratching an itch yourself is cathartic, but it always seems to come back immediately, yet with a significant other doing it for you, it works a lot more), but I think that what I'm interested is the back more than anything else.

I hate my skin, it makes me itch and flares up and all sorts of stuff that I hate, because I hate it. But I like the concept of my back - it's a large, flat expanse of skin, an almost barren playing-field which, apparently, shows the marks if you scratch it. I'm not into pain, but I like the scratching whether or not it leaves a mark. But because of the fact that there's a lot of back, I really like having it touched - whether or not it's a light touch, or a much-needed scratch - because who knows where her hand's going to go?

And then there's the massages. Oh, dear Glod. I have had some awesome backrubs, after which all I can do is lie there, sweaty and satiated.

Oh no, wait, that's sex.

But the massages. They are absolutely amazing, and sometimes there's a bit of scratching there too. And that's all over my back - every inch of my skin. My fucking stupid, but needy, skin. It just feels great, almost like feeding a petulant child.

And then there's her back. Or anyone's back, but mostly hers. I love kissing her back - there's one point, specifically, which I've identified as a special area (and yes, I will ruthlessly exploit its possibilities some day), and yet there's the rest of the skin on her back which I like to run my fingers up and down - well, I like it when it's done to me, so why not return the favour, right? - and it's a very sexy back as well, so it gives me something nice to look at while feeling the skin under my fingertips. I just wish I knew how to give backrubs now...

Okay, yeah, this post makes me sound like I'm a fetishist. I'm not, I just like lots of skin to touch. At least, I think that's the reason...


Chloe said...

This reminds me of last night. I got tanning itch, which is just this uncomfortable itch from too much sun exposure, and it was restricted, to my particular annoyance, to my upper chest.

The only thing that dulled it was constant, super light scratching.

It was a nice relief.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I don't tan easily so I've never had that... did you scratch yourself, or did you have a willing person to scratch for you?

Anonymous said...

Backs! Yes!!

Such a wonderful area of eroginity. (This word now exists. Ok?)

I can quite easily spend the best part of an hour or more on Mister's back. A variety of activities from massages to darker things too. Like you say, it's such a vast spanse of uninterrupted skin that it's just begging to be admired, spoiled and treated.

Now, is it weird of me, but there's a certain...scent about a man's back, or anyone's I guess, that just draws me in and makes me want to do sexy things to it...

Great post. Got me thinking now...wonderful!

LadyP x

Anonymous said...


Chloe said...

I was stuck by myself.

Oh well.

TiffanyLillian said...

Hah, that kinda turns me on. ;)