Monday, 16 March 2009


Tomorrow is my birthday, and in anticipation of the utter horror that is the concept of me actually being 24, I visited TD over the weekend - well, I would have visited her over the weekend anyway but we had the excuse of a pre-birthday meet this time and any reason to spend money works for me - and we, being a typical geek couple, went to see Watchmen. The cinema, perhaps predictably, was filled with supergeeks. Fantastic.

Watchmen, for what it's worth, isn't as good a movie as it could be, but it's still pretty awesome when you consider what it is - and it's in a different league.

Oh, and it has sex in it.

The much-publicised love scene (between Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II, maybe it's a two thing) was so unbelievably hot for the following reasons:

(i) It takes place on a flying ship.

I could actually talk about how both superheroes are totally naked throughout the scene, how artfully done the scene itself is, how they are both attractive enough for it to work, and how mind-numbingly sexy the scenario actually is, but we know what's really involved; this is a film by geeks for geeks, and therefore two characters having sex on a flying ship is one of the best things to happen, anywhere, ever.

There's also a scene wherein Silk Spectre II is being seduced by Doctor Manhattan, which consists of her face and his hands - four of them. Any film with that sort of scene and sex while on a flying ship is practically begging to have some sort of implications on any sexually charged people who happen to be watching.

So I made TD orgasm. In the cinema. With a hand on her wrist. You know, just because I felt like it. And I wanted there to be a new contender for The Best Bit Of The Film.

Afterwards, we went back to her place and had sex.

This, of course, means that I am always going to associate anything at all which alludes to Watchmen with sex. I can almost see the future scene in which my friends break out the special edition DVD and I go scarlet and sit in a corner for a while. I've never even read the graphic novel, and now I may just have to because my dirty, dirty mind will probably interpret it as mental porn. I won't even go and see it again, even though it was brilliant (and I have a cinema card) - because it just won't be the same.

And thus, a previously respectable comic book franchise has been tainted for life.

Fun, eh?


Isabella Snow said...

You made her orgasm... how...?

Anonymous said...

With a hand on her wrist? How?!

Anonymous said...

Isabella, Lace, I believe the clue is in the sentence. The answer being 'with a hand on her wrist' :P

ILB: I liked Watchmen. I particularly liked the fact that I actually found some parts of it almost difficult to watch. Like the scene with the Comedian and the first Silk Spectre.

I completely with what you said about Nite Owl II/Silk SpectreII and Manhatten/Silk Spectre II. Both very good scenes. Both titillating but realistic (if you *can* be realistic with multiple blue electric hands).

Anonymous said...


I so want to participate in this discussion. But I still haven't seen the bloody film yet.

May have to end up draggin him the 50mile round trip to our nearest cinema showing it.


Innocent Loverboy said...

A hand on the wrist can work if the wrist is one of your erogenous zones...

...and yes, LP, go and see it!

Anonymous said...

ILB - Seen it now. Just thought you'd like to know I am now breathing normally once again.

LP x