Thursday, 26 March 2009


Hmmm, I've been very 'on' this week. Not that it's at all strange for me to feel turned on, but this week it's been an almost constant state of play - every morning when I wake up, and every evening when I talk to TD before attempting to sleep. I know people go through stages of feeling consistently turned on - everyone does, but it's more common to hear about girls being super mega ultra aroused for, say, a week or so, because of that strange monthly cyclical routine that I know nothing about. Bs, even IL-ones, seem to be aroused for a while, and then go and make a cup of tea and forget about it. Or punch something if they're an idiot.

I've been going to make lots of cups of tea this week, and it hasn't made the feeling go away.

Of course, I'm not walking around with a permanent erection. That would be ludicrous and also probably cause death at some point. But there's that curious feeling in your stomach which I've talked about before (but I can't find the post right now), and that's what's been following me around. The feeling that says, "go ahead, think about sex, why not?" And my willpower, strong as it is, often yields to the sex, given that resisting meat is using up most of its points - although resisting everything else isn't taking any willpower at all, if you don't start you don't stop. haven't actually had sex this week (yet!), but I have been thinking about it. I wonder if the two are connected?

A friend of mine once said, while we were compiling our Anthology of Sex back at uni, that while you're about to have sex, you don't really think about it, because it's presented itself to you and you don't need to think about sex any more.
"I don't know what kind of sex you've been having," I quipped.

Strange, eh?

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Anonymous said...

I would say the two are connected.