Friday, 6 March 2009

Open the sluice-gates!

I've said before, on numerous occasions, how much I like to make girls cum - more often than not, through creative use of my tongue, coupled with perseverance and what I won't call "skill", exactly, more like "style". However, although I've talked about how it happens (not to mention when...), I've never really talked about the stuff itself...

...and why should I? It's one of those things that people rarely talk about - the cum that tends to shoot out of the penis during sex (or related stimulation, of course) is that which is generally referred to - or, in the case of any film starring Peter North, seen (which is one of the reasons I don't like hardcore porn - the sight of boy semen doesn't offend me, as such, but I'd prefer some gender equality with the money shots). But, despite the fact that when a girl's turned on, they are "wet" - and holy Jesus the phrase "I'm wet" turns me on just about 100% of the time when whispered in my ear - very little mention is made of a girl's - shall we say, vaginal discharge, in any of the media I've encountered.

Although that's not quite true - I haven't read much feminist literature, so I wouldn't know about that; it's not mentioned in Luce Irigaray's work as far as I know - nor have I read any of the erotica books I saw in Waterstone's. But in Goblin Market there's certainly fruit juices, a clear allegory, and in some books - often written by fellow sex bloggers - there's mention of the stuff.
And we know that girls do orgasm - if we take the aforementioned Peter North, there's a memorable video I think I may have somewhere in which the girl (Ariah?) has what is very obviously not a faked orgasm. But the video's focused on her face, which although hot doesn't really give the full picture. (Doing this all from memory, as I haven't seen said video in months.)
Even in soft porn, if a female orgasm is implied it's always at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME AS THE MALE ORGASM. That doesn't actually happen a lot of the time, guys.

...And then there are the squirting videos, which are pretty disturbing, although curious, but are usually manipulated to highlight how similar a female squirt is to a male one (disclaimer: it's not).

Girlcum itself is just not often described. It's taken as a given that when a lady hits orgasm, liquid comes out. It could easily be 7UP for all the description that's given, and she's a lady, not a vending machine.

I love girlcum because it tends to be a lot more liquid than boy cum. And I tend to get a lot of it in my mouth too, and I really like the taste - a kind of vaguely salty, somewhat sharp but not too strong taste. In some cases, it goes on my chin and dries out, so I can wash it off. You know, that actually sounds horrible, but I promise you I really like it - maybe I get some sort of perverse "badge of honour" kick out of it.
And then there's the fact that if you do both orgasm at approximately the same time, when you withdraw your cock, it's covered in the stuff. I'm convinced that one of these days I'm going to see a rainbow on it if the sun's at the correct angle. It's almost like you've traded orgasms, rather than had them. Good, n'est-ce pas?
And finally - a girl can cum from different ways of stimulation. I'm jealous, personally - stimulate a clitoris, a vaginal opening, a G-spot or an anus (or even lick or touch the right part at the right time - seriously, it works) and she can hit orgasm. The girlcum originates from the same place, sure, but I'm told that it feels different. Good in different ways.

I wonder if it tastes different? I'll have to experiment.

So, yeah. I love girlcum. Love it, love it, love it. It's wonderful stuff, and I love inducing it, tasting it, I even like the way it feels. And after the orgasm, you can simply clean it up.

And then do it all over again.

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