Thursday, 19 February 2009

ILB's Risqué Meme

Well, somebody has to start these off...

This is a different meme. It's about things which are a little more on the innocent side of risqué. Name six things you've done (or still do) which toe the line but haven't quite crossed it. No situations in which you've actually had sex or masturbated in public places. Keep it suggestive, dodgy but not dirty.

Because I'm a safe boy, girls at university (during my student days a couple of years ago) used to be okay with hugging me and stuff during the club nights. I often kissed them somewhere inoffensive as well, like the shoulder or the cheek. At one point I kissed 21 girls on the hand in one night.

I've shouted, "Take it off!" at a funny, as well as rather camp, compere to a burlesque show. It's been shouted at me during gigs I've played, so I thought I'd reciprocate.

I used to think Princess Beatrice was hot.

While in the sixth form, I made a list which went along the lines of, "I'm totally straight, but if I were gay, I would have sex with...". Most of the names on the list were members of James.

I am sexually aroused by the sight, or even the thought, of my own penis being erect. Nobody else's. Mine. I think my brain subconsciously links me being hard with having sex, or wanking. Let's face it, that's when it's hard, right? That, and every time a certain someone touches me anywhere, including the air that I may or may not be breathing.

I've always wanted to create a side-on silhouette of people I think are attractive, because I like the way their noses and mouths look from the side. I imagine them standing side-on and me firing some paint at them, with their resulting stencil image on the wall, nose shape intact.

No tags; if you want to do this meme, please do it, it doesn't take long. Let's get it circulating.

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