Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Getting Physical

It's true, I am totally corrupted in every way possible (apart from being a straightedge teetotal vegetarian non-smoker, of course).

At work today I overheard someone say something about (a theoretical) someone being "on the back stairs with a physio". It was only after about five minutes that I realised they'd actually meant that the someone in question ould actually be doing step aerobics or other strenuous exercise relating to running up and down stairs.

Because, of course, what my brain thought she was referring to was this someone and a physio engaging in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Considering the physios I know, that's not so much of a stretch of the imagination. They appear to be tactile people in any case.

However amusing I may have found this image, what really worries me - above which particular physio, which particular someone, and all else - happens to be how vividly I pictured the very set of back stairs they would be using for such an illicit deed.

And as they were stone, surely that would be very painful. Still, if you're going to have random sex with someone and injure yourself, there are worse people you could be with than a physio. How handy, indeed.

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