Sunday, 11 January 2009


You know when you get into the mood, yeah?
And then you watch some soft porn, yeah?
And then you watch some hard porn, yeah?
And then you start pleasuring each other, yeah?
And then you put on a Durex Play Vibrations ring and have sex, yeah?
For ages, yeah?
And then you orgasm, yeah?

And then you stop, yeah?
And then you pleasure each other for a while, yeah?
And then the Durex ring runs out of battery because you have been using it for 20 minutes, yeah?
And then you don't stop doing it, yeah?
And then they orgasm, yeah?
And then they fall back onto a conveniently-placed bed, yeah?

And then you have sex again, yeah?
And then they have an orgasm so explosive during sex that it seems consistent, they are out of control, and you are on top of them and therefore you are being shaken around and that makes the sex about ten times better, and they keep on having bursts of orgasm because you have been sexually exciting them for about an hour and a half, and then you orgasm again, which makes them orgasm, and after ten minutes of continuous ecstasy you collapse because it's almost too much, yeah?

You know when all that happens, yeah?

Does it offend you, yeah?


The Drinker said...

(Blogging resumed.)

Dear GOD, that was a blissful session. But all I can say to this post is that, considering her response to the mere word 'sex' on your lj, if your mother ever found this... *blush*


Anna said...

You know when your entire post is composed of rhetorical questions, yeah?

It irks me ;)

Still, congrats and all that I suppose

Anonymous said...

yeah x 13
nah x 3

I'll let you work that out.

Pandorah x

Innocent Loverboy said...

LP: I'm betting you haven't used a vibrating ring and it doesn't offend you.


Anonymous said...

And the e-cookie is all yours...

P x
[ooh! my word verification here has at last spelt a word = 'heals']