Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Venus, which you can see if you look closely at the picture in the right, is something that I never seem to have trouble for while looking in the dusky sky. I know it's a torturous planet with a very thick atmosphere and intense heat, but it looks very pretty from this distance (hence me taking the picture on my phone, it was just one of those moments).

The planet named after the goddess of love, too. Also known as Aphrodite in the Greek legends - although for some reason I always see them as different in image, I've always thought of Aphrodite as slender with long hair and Venus as more rounded with hair in a bun for some reason - I evidently don't believe in her, preferring instead to champion the Judaeo-Christian idea of God.

But I like to think that, her being the goddess of love and me a lover, she's watching over me... I've been keeping my eyes fixed on her every time I walk home.

Even if she is just a planet.


Anna said...

The first thing I look for in the sky is Orion, the hunter. The first constellation I ever learned to recognise. I'd like to claim that it reflects my character, but sadly I've never been a hunter in any capacity... maybe one day.

Anonymous said...

I always keep my eyes open for the Pleiades - the seven sisters - as they remind me of my siblings and of my favourite play/film - Streetcar Named Desire.

P x

Isabella Snow said...

I'm astounded by how much of a better view Europe has of the night sky. I can always see constellations, always see all kinds of things I was almost never able to see in the U.S.

Of course, I'm not nearly as enthralled by the Goddess of Love as you seem to be. Give me Mars any day, and send me the man who goes with it!

Happy New Year, Loverboy!