Friday, 30 January 2009

seduction: ur doin it rong

"Okay," she said as we finally laid down the book full of LOLcats I'd bought her for Christmas, "time to get ready for bed."
We were already in bed, but I knew what she meant.
"Well," I agreed, "you get into your pyjamas, and I'll stay naked."
"What?" she answered, sounding puzzled. "You're not naked now, are you?..." And as she sad so, she reached around from her position facing the wall with a hand, and grasped at a random part of my body. She got the bare flesh of my stomach fat.
"You are naked!" she practically squealed.
"Told you," I teased. "I took all my clothes off when I went to get the LOLcats book! Now, are you going to get into your pyjamas, or not?"
She did. I lay in her bed as she changed, smug in my sneaky nudity. Why she didn't hear the rustle of fabrics... I'll never know.

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