Thursday, 8 January 2009

Again! Again!

I stood at a slight angle, trying to indicate to neither the girl standing at the opposing angle nor the public at large that I was specifically looking for a Durex Play vibrating ring. This one, specifically, because it's the only one I've ever used, and you'd prefer to go with what you know, unless you're for full-on experimentation. I wasn't. I just wanted the Durex ring, and I hadn't been able to find one. And now there was a load of them right in front of me, and I couldn't bring myself to pick one up.

It's not my fault. She got one for free while working for Scarlet and after months of occasional sightings of it, still in its glossy wrapper, we used it on her birthday. It tightened itself around my cock like a too-small elastic band, and stimulated her clitoris as it buzzed like a bee that's more than a little irritated. If I pushed myself off the surface of the bed (floor, table, whatever... but this instance, it was a bed), I could get at her G-spot as well. So, if you consider my release as one of the factors in the equation, that's something like three typed of orgasm. My God, it was fantastic.

And then it wouldn't stop buzzing as I wrapped it in a tissue and put it in the bin. In the end, I had to hit it against my leg to stop it working. Then I found the "off" switch.

But that's all in the past. Again? We briefly looked at the things recently, but didn't buy one. Being quite a vanilla person, I don't think I'd got for buying any of those things you have to insert into an orifice, but this isn't a toy per se, just... a small friend. I thought I'd buy another one, having just had my moneys come through and all.

I hasten to point out that this situation yesterday wasn't a spur-of-the-moment decision. I harkened back, as I stood considering the Durex ring and trying to pretend to be interested in the toothpaste instead, to a couple of hours ago, when I'd been in the Boots in my hometown. They had not only all other products in the Play range, but also their own brand of vibrating cock ring, which I didn't buy because it reminded me horribly of "Tesco Value" Lemonade &c. I then went into Superdrug, which I happened to be passing, and they, again, had all the other Play products and their own brand of ring, but none of the ones I was looking for.

"How long, O Lord?" (Psalm 6, Verse 3)

And, at last, here was the very sex product I was looking for, and I just wasn't able to reach up and take it. My hands were gloved, I suppose, in some magic one-size-fits-all (except-for-ILB-who-has-very-big-hands) magic gloves, which I'd bought whilst on my cock ring hunt - having chanced upon a shop which I'm convinced only appears at a certain point in the moon cycle when the seeker is not specifically looking for it - but the gloves are flexible enough to reach out and take something. I was being stupid.

Eventually, I reached out, and constricted my wooly hand around one of the small, pink packets, now boasting "30% STRONGER!". Nobody looked at me, not even the girl who was now perusing the different makes of condom. Hastening away from the "Family Planning" section (whose name I still find amusing), I quickly purchased it and trotted off into the depths of Paddington station. Potential shoppers take note: Paddington's Boots has the damn things. I knew that we weren't going to use it last night. But I had a few minutes, so why not have bought one? I felt quite pleased with myself.

And then I realised I still had it in my hand when the ticket inspector asked for my ticket. I went a shade of appropriate scarlet, handed him my ticket and shoved the ring into one of the compartments of my spacious bag. As far as I know, it's still in there, but I'll put it in the drawer also containing the box of condoms, tube of KY Jelly and tampon applicator I found in my student house's medicine cupboard four years ago, and it'll be ready to use in a flash if we ever have the urge to have the bee-like sensation once more.

Not that it's the only powerful circle around, though. Did you know that if you draw circles around your partner's knee with one finger, say under the table in a restaurant, they'll... er...


Anna said...

They'll what? You can't leave me hanging like that, I'm far too innocent to fill in the blanks!

I read Scarlet though, I do. I expect you can't tell me what she did for them? Well done her, anyway.

Innocent Loverboy said...

C'mon now, Anna. You can't be that innocent - I mean, I'm innocent, and I'd understand that...

...I hope...

...and no, I don't think I can tell you. She might, it's her prerogative!

Anonymous said...

Last Valentine's I bought a Durex Play lubey thing in a box with one of them rings. We never got round to using the ring, sadly. Mister is a little daunted by the thought I think.

Subsequently, we've gone and misplaced it amongst our bags and boxes of goodies.

I think I shall go rustling soon - I want to try it out!

Just to test whether the battery still works...

P x

Anonymous said...