Monday, 8 December 2008


"You know what's funny?" said 47, as we were standing in a line waiting to see James.
I was about to answer, and was almost ready to do so while trying not to sound either excited that I was about to see James, or worried that snowdrop (who was a few yards away) would come over and hit me or something. But then I realised that 47 wasn't actually talking to me.
"The one thing I know about you," continued 47, "is that you haven't had your leg over for a year."
Since I had sex on Wednesday, this confirmed that I wasn't the intended recipient of his comment; rather it was directed towards a rather abashed-looking girl that I'd never seen before.

It actually turned out that 47 hadn't ever seen her before, either. Neither of us knew who she was; nor did snowdrop, or any of the other people standing in the line who we hang about with at the gigs. She was just a random James fan who had (I was pleased that my ears hadn't been deceiving me, because I heard it too) just been very randomly vocal about the fact that she had not, indeed, had her leg over for a year.

"A year?" I asked, not wanting to feel left out of either the conversation or the slightly taboo act of discussing sex in Britain.
"Almost exactly a year. To the day, in fact," she replied.

She then went on to take part in the conversation we were having before she had made her ingratiating remark. Every now and again, however, she managed to slip in a reference to her having not had much sex recently. Amusing as this was, it did eventually lead me to ask her if that was all she ever thought about.
"What, sex? Yeah, pretty much," she answered.

Well, you can't argue with that, can you?

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