Tuesday, 9 December 2008


You probably can't make out the text in the image here, but I can transcribe it for you:

To the tall, dark stranger who let the blonde girl on crutches hop on the Tube before you on the Victoria line from King's Cross, Sunday 30th. I thought you were lovely and wish I'd spoken to you. ANON

I almost always read thelondonpaper. Its rival, the London Lite, is actually run by Murdoch, and therefore holds no journalistic merit whatsoever. On the way home from work, I'll sometimes find my iPod out of battery and automatically reach for the first copy you find on an Underground train somewhere. And in the centre, just after the "look-what-club-Lily-Allen-fell-out-of" section, thelondonlove section is home to articles about love that I could probably do a better job of writing, some stuff about whomever married whom recently, and the column on the right, in which you text in to tell everyone that you vaguely saw someone in London who
you like the look of (even if they may be a git).

This section, Lovestruck, I always read. Just like everyone else in London. I don't think I'll ever be spotted, and in any case I'm attached, but it's always fun to read. And then, yesterday, the above popped up, second to last, in a two-column edition of Lovestruck.

"Hang on," I thought, "that's me, isn't it?"

Tall? Check.
Dark? Check.
Strange? Check.
Sunday 30th? Check.
Victoria Line? Check.
Blonde girl with crutches? Check.
Lovely? Well, you decide.

Of course, it could be another tall, dark stranger who let a blonde girl with crutches onto the Victoria Line on that particular day. I don't know how often that happens. It probably isn't me, but it matches me perfectly, and that's odd, and a little gratifying.

I'm attached, so I don't think I'll reply (you can't reply anyway, it's not a dating service, just a text column). But isn't that just a little bit odd?!


hannah said...

Um, you've got it completely the wrong way round with regard to the freesheets.

thelondonpaper is owned by Murdoch. London Lite is owned by Associated Newspaers, which is the same company that publishes The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard and The Metro.

As someone who works as a reporter writing for both a freesheet and a paid-for paper, I always buy The Evening Standard when I'm in London because I know the content is likely to be better and not just full of press-releases re-purposed by sub-editors.

In my not so humble opinion, neither of those freesheets hold any journalistic merit whatsoever ;) The Metro has some pretensions to being a newspaper rather then a celebrity rag so I'll read that until I find a Standard vendor.

hannah said...

And I forgot to say that when reading any publication from the Associated Newspapers stable, it's always a good idea to have your scepticism filters set to maxiumum.

"Could asylum seekers give your house prices AIDS?"

Probably not...

Innocent Loverboy said...

Damn, have I got it the wrong way 'round? That's annoying. Now I feel all dirty.

Mind you, I don't like Associated Newspapers almost as much as I don't like Murdoch. I'm with you on the fact that you have to have your scepticism turned on - after all, the Daily Mail is a bucket of filthy lies.

I didn't mention Metro. I read that, too, usually on the way to work. The freesheets on the way back I tend to read because of the fact that they are, indeed, mindless drivel, and that's all I can cope with after a 12-hour working day. That and, well, they're free.

I don't buy the Evening Standard. I'm not exactly sure why; I'm sure it has better journalism standards, but it costs money, and money isn't something I have.

Although I was amused by their headline last year: "Thames floods! Prepare to flee!"


The Drinker said...

Also, you can reply. The paper pay for a meal at ASK if you hook up.

You should reply. It could be fate.

Isabella Snow said...

Ooooh!!! Reply!!! Reply!!!!

Innocent Loverboy said...

I wouldn't know what to say...