Thursday, 4 December 2008


There's something certainly romantic about holding hands while wandering along the South Bank. It's generally an amazing place, actually; nowhere except London has that sort of pulse to it, but the Palace of Westminster and London Eye are lit up really nicely at night, and even when it's cold, if you're going to be strolling along the South Bank, night's the time to do it. In fact, after an odd evening/night/morning combination consisting mostly of Charlie Brooker, Family Guy and sex on the floor, there aren't many places to end up that are better than the South Bank. Well, there's Forbidden Planet, and a coffee shop that does better drinks than CCK (marginally, although for atmosphere I'd still prefer CCK), but we'd already been to both of those.

We weren't just randomly at the South Bank, though... although it's something we would do, a random trip to the South Bank via geekery and coffee, and maybe one day we will... there was, in fact, a German Christmas Market happening along the river's edge, and so after buying an overlarge garlic bread covered with cheese, we wandered relentlessly through the Central-European stalls, procuring fudge (some of which was nice, some too sweet), playing musical instruments shaped like animals, buying puzzles as stocking fillers, and having the first ride on a merry-go-round I've had since the age of about 14. There's something special about sitting next to a squealing girlfriend, and holding her hand while rocking up and down on wooden horses while scary fairground music threatens you.

I can't wait for Carousel to hit London next year.

After exhausting the Germans, and their wares of course, we went to an expensive, but very nice, quintessentially middle-class restaurant and had our respective meals, followed by the inevitable trip to Paddington. The train to Oxford took a cruelly long time to leave, and all I could do was stand there and wave. I turned and made my lonely, but enlightened, way home. I ended up actually getting a fair amount of sleep.

I made it into work this morning, which was distinguishable by not being particularly interesting, although the first thing that I noticed was that I hadn't been placed with my flirty, emotionally-charged colleague, who is characterised by her almost-orgasmic moans when she gets to rest her feet (and we are talking, "oh, that's gooood" here) and her slight nausea over the sight of blood. Me being me, I've been counselling her for these things, because I'm A Nice Person™, up to the point of holding her up with a hug at one point, but today I found myself telling her to just go home, after she proved herself of being unable to stand up during a break we incidentally had at the same time.

Even so, I didn't work with her anyway, so during the two-and-a-half-hours she was there, I missed her company and had to do my work on my own (for "work", also read: "writing a poem and a song", because I found time and energy to do that). Then again, given the mood I'm in at the moment, I probably would have related my romantic whimsical story to her, and friendly as she is, that would have probably made her even more nauseous, even if I find it all aesthetically pleasing. But then again, I'm biased, aren't I?

So... you lot get it instead! Aren't you lucky?

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