Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Gold Mother

"I don't think it's very gentlemanly to mention sex on your LiveJournal."

I glanced at my mother briefly, and tried to appear disinterested. I know perfectly well that she reads my LJ; what's more, since I started ILB I haven't really mentioned sex at all. The comment to which she was referring is a tongue-in-cheek aside in which I mention the word 'sex'.

"I didn't really mention sex."
"You talked about it. I don't think it's very gentlemanly."

The only comment one of my friends had left on my LJ had been a positive one, she'd been amused by the mention of sex.

"I'm not going to explicitly describe sex on my LJ, Mother; I just don't see what's wrong with one tongue-in-cheek mention of the word."
"It's not very gentlemanly."
"Since when was I a gentleman?"
"I don't think it's appropriate."

She's rehearsed this, hasn't she?


Anna said...

Wow. To be fair, with regards to talking about sex, times have changed very quickly - I'm often surprised by some of the things my mother finds offensive.

Tom Allen said...

Certain moms go to some school to learn this stuff, I'm convinced.