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This FAQ is designed to be an improved and updated version of the original. All old questions will be answered, some new ones added and if you think I've missed anything out, e-mail me and I'll answer that too. Hey, I'm a nice enough guy.

Who are you?
I am Innocent Loverboy, commonly known as ILB. I write a sex blog as well as doing other things.

Age / Sex / Location?
23 years old / Male / London.

Relationship status?
In a relationship with The Drinker!

What's your main job?
I was a teaching assistant for two years, and since then I've switched. I'm actually in training at the moment, so I go to University (one of the top ones, but I won't say which) for a vocational course, but I spend most of my time 'on the job' while learning the skills. I'll qualify next academic year!
Oh, and yes, sexual knowledge helps in this job too!

What's this blog for?
It's still a sex blog. I'll admit that a lot of the posts are about love, but I'll still write about sex when I want to!

When and why did you create it?
Exactly one year ago - 12 December 2007.
I'd been reading sex blogs for ages, and very few were written by boys. There are now a few more that I'm aware of - Todger Talk and The Edge of Vanilla are examples - but most of them, and especially the more famous ones, were written by girls - the Channel 4 documentary only ever mentioned the girl sex bloggers! In my personal blog, I'd mentioned love and sex a few times, but I wanted to muse more upon the topics than I did, so I started a more anonymous way of conveying my thoughts - thus, ILB.

You still clam you're different. What makes you so different?
There are, again, a number of reasons for this:
(i) I place much more value on love then sex. I'm not saying that other people don't (by all accounts, other people should), but to me, love is vital - sex, while fantastic, can only be a side-effect of love. I can both merge and separate the two very quickly. I can also fall in love very easily.
(ii) I'll admit that sex happens for other reasons than love - I've experienced that myself - but I prefer to link the two.
(iii) I like softcore erotica. I don't like hardcore porn nearly as much.
(iv) I'm genuine and honest. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs or even eat meat. And it's not all a facade, that's just who I am.
(v) I'm incredibly shy to ask people out. In fact, I don't ask people out. I have such a morbid fear of rejection that I don't even try. Otherwise, I'm quite an outgoing person.
Basically, I'm not your typical 'lad'. Not trying to stereotype boys, of course, but the unfair image that has been applied to them definitely doesn't apply to me. I don't even like sports of any kind! In real life, the idea that 'boys only want one thing' isn't true. In fact, in many cases they can be much more romantic than girls!

Why are you using Blogger?
A lot of sex journals are written in Blogger. There are better blog services out there, such as LiveJournal. However, places like LJ (and I already have an LJ, anyway) are much more personal-based and it may not be very prudent to start a blog there if I wish to remain anonymous! Also, quality of blog service doesn't equal quality of blog! There are sex blogs on LJ that are truly atrocious!

How many people have you had sex with? / Do you regret any of them?
I have had sex with six people:
- One long-term girlfriend (we lasted a year and a half).
- One close friend (a few times).
- One "lover" (a brief sexual relationship).
- One stand (and it was awful, and reckless of me).
- One friend (and we're now okay, although it confused both of us for a while).
- One more long-term girlfriend! Huzzah!
I regret a few of them - in fact, most of them except #1 and #6 - except, at the time, all of them (but not #4) felt right. The ones I don't regret - surprise - are the ones wherein love was involved.

When did you last have sex?
Two days ago!

How often do you have sex?
Well, I can't really say that it's a planned thing, but it tends to happen pretty much once or twice every day we are together, unless it's a flying visit. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It depends on the feeling, y'know? And then there are those times where you don't have the sex, but the effects are felt...

Who are the people mentioned on this blog?
Okay, well, what a question! Single Student has a list on her blog's menu which links to the appropriate people, which is helpful. I may as well list peoples here.

The main players on this stage are:
- ILB: Innocent Loverboy, a sensitive and engaging boy with a rapier wit and a big head.
- The Drinker: A lovely girl who happens to be my girlfriend and also writes a blog.
- All other sex bloggers are referred to by their blogging name.
- H: Is my best female friend. Her sexuality appears to be uncertain, but she has a lot more experience than me.
- 47: Is my best male friend. He's one of the very few people who knows I am also ILB, and he's clever enough to have worked it out himself. His friendship is an acquired taste, but I can tolerate him!
- Mini: Is a close friend who I don't see nearly enough, and I told her I am ILB. She's cool with that.
- Flirty colleague: She is just that.

The girls are:
- Rebecca: Was my first girlfriend, who cheated on me repeatedly and then left me for another guy.
- Louise: Was my friend who I had sex with. She now had a girlfiend and appears to have calmed down her oversexed activities somewhat.
- Alicia: Is an older woman I had a brief sexual relationship with. She was fine, last I heard.
- Lily: I had a stand with. She was selfish and uncaring, and she hasn't talked to me since. I'm not that bothered.
- snowdrop: Is a friend whom, in a joint MSN conversation with me and 47, started showing more of an interest in me and ended up sleeping with me. In the confusion that followed, which messed with both of our feelings, everyone got hurt a lot and we both ended up with different people by the end of the week. She is now in a steady relationship and very happy. I feel awkward around her now.

So what happened then?
Well, I was quite upset, and worried for both myself and snowdrop, and I was, after a week, invited - on the spur of the moment - to visit The Oxford Seamstress (who has since changed her blogging name - it's all very complicated), who was also slightly stressy about her finals. I visited, catching a very late train to Oxford, randomly. We met, got on, and becoming enchanted, we had sex and then hooked up. The following evening, we went on our first date! We've now been "together" for about 8 or 9 months, and I'm totally and utterly in love!

Can I talk to you? / Can I ask for advice?
Since I started writing ILB, I've actually counselled a few friends of mine (mostly female friends such as FL, but 47 at one point as well), who all seem to be grateful for an innocent loverboy's point of view.
The answer, anyway, is yes. You don't even have to talk about relationships - Jessie, Glamour Girl and Anna have all felt okay with chatting away to me informally, Drinker - evidently - is my main conversationalist (that's not even a word, is it?). If you want to ask relationship advice (well, opinions), just drop me an e-mail or add me to MSN (same address) and we will talk, promise!

Will you go out with me? / Will you sleep with me?
NO! (Sorry.)

What do you look like?
I'm tall for my age. I'd describe myself as 'average build' even though I do have a slightly large stomach (although apparently I'm the only one who sees it as being large, everyone else says it's fine!). I have short black hair, and sparkly blue eyes (my eyes are the only feature about my physical appearance I'm totally happy with).

What do you think is the best post you've written?
Public Display of Attention was probably my favourite to write. It's been quite well-received, as well. I also like what came out of Je t'adore, which I originally intended to be much shorter!
Hmmm, that was very difficult to choose! I guess I like my own writing too much.

What else do you write?
Songs (I'm the lead singer of a band and I love it), poetry, reviews and fiction. Through university, I was a staff member of the paper, and when I was young I ran my own self-produced thingy! I was so enterprising back then.

Who are your favourite band?
I have very eclectic tastes in music, but my favourite band must be James.

What's next for this blog? Will it be self-pitying and lonely like the first half, or sickening and lovely like the second half?
I'm sure I'll find new and interesting ways to disappoint you.

And that's it for Year One! Fantastic! Thanks to Drinker, Blacksilk, Lady Pandorah, Lace Stockings, Tom Allen, 47, Mini, Glamour Girl, Older Woman and anyone else who reads and/or comments on this blog! I'll see you around, and we should all hope to share more of our writing!

Feel the love, people.


Anna said...

We should talk again! I've accrued a whole new batch of problems. Oh go on, it'd be fun.

Happy blogaversary, ILB! x

Anonymous said...

Aww A big-up from ILB! Ta, hun.

Now, young man. I seem to be confuzzled by you. I always assumed snowdrop was Drinker before you started calling her by that...

*ponders awhile*

LadyP x

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Congratumalations too! Here's to another happy, naughtiness-filled year!

Innocent Loverboy said...

Indeed. To clear stuff up, The Drinker was originally The Seamstress. You were witness to that whole business, so you sort of know the story there.

Snowdrop... she's a different person altogether, completely unconnected to the sex blog community, or ILB whatsoever. The person she had sex with, and is friends with, is just 'me'.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the lack of comments from me lately, but this proves that I do indeed still read! Thanks for the thanks, dear ILB, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Re: your comment - ahh that's all cleared up for me now. As to your first paragraph, I was aware of that one of course...

Innocent Loverboy said...

Awww, I love you guys.