Saturday, 29 November 2008

Working Hard (mutually exclusive)

I woke up this morning (er, afternoon) to discover that I'd slept until midday without even waking up once. Perhaps unsurprisingly, work has exhausted me more than I thought.

Turning off my alarm was a good idea.

My libido has decreased since I (re)started work, although only when I'm at work. There's probably a reason for this, considering the people I'm interacting with most of the time. When I get home from work, however, it's usually at around the nine-o'-clock mark. Back in the ol' single-pre-ILB days, nine used be my watershed for sex. Like, I wouldn't look at any erotica, or search for sexual playmates (and I say 'playmates' in the nicest possible way), before nine. I was always hornier at night, and that set me off, I suppose.

Perhaps it's been ingrained into my mind that after nine, I have to feel horny. It doesn't happen automatically (sprng an erection halfway through a gig may not have been a good idea, for example), but then there's something to be said for quitting a building in which you have been more-or-less on your feet since seven in the morning, and then going home, and lying on your bed listening to your feet hurt. All the other stresses of the day slip away, and I, for one, find myself lying on my back at night, trying to get my energy back.

Who can blame me for the way I feel after that, especially as I rarely even think about sex while at work?

Right, off I go for a romantic meal. Relax, it'll be fine. As long as I behave for, maybe, the first five minutes...


oatmeal girl said...

By the time I get to bed I'm starting to fade, and usually nod off before indulging in the masturbation I always badly need. But at work... I sit down in front of the computer and you'd thing I were being paid to write erotic poetry rather than serving stressed out members. I think of other kinds of service instead, and slip into submissive reveries while illicitly composing salacious metaphorical e-mails for the man who owns my mind.

Innocent Loverboy said...

See, if only I had the chance to do that at work, rather than doing what I do, which only involves being at a computer insofar as using Babelfish to try to explain to a Chinese man that he needs to hold his breath. Ay me.