Monday, 24 November 2008

W is for... Watching

I'm not a voyeur, but I like watching other people have sex.

Er... okay, I'll need to explain that one... right, when I have sex, I have sex. It's the best. It's wonderful, amazing, fantastic and all other superlatives. But when I masturbate, it's not the best. It's good, but it's not the best and, frankly, it's just me and my hand. My imagination, good as it is, doesn't really help much, because - although I could paint a vivid picture of myself engaged in sex for England - it only serves to remind me that I am not, in fact, in the act of sexual intercourse; rather I am sitting in front of my computer, getting sexual thrills out of something that's actually supposed to be used for playing a guitar or writing a sonnet.

So, my masturbatory fantasies tend to revolve around other people - not me with other people, that's just wrong; nor people I know, even - just people in situations. They don't have to have names.
I guess that's what soft porn is, in many examples, and that's why I like it - I don't get off on the graphical depiction of sex itself (watching a cock go into a pussy... boring! The real thing's what I want...), rather on the situation that's being depicted. A servant with the new Sheriff of Nottingham (because she's had a long ride and needs 'satisfaction') is a lot more exciting for me than, say, Rocco and Jenna Jameson (because they are both pornstars and were paid to have sex beside a pool). I mean, where's the fun in that?

It's not that I can't make up these situations in my head. I can, and I will. But sometimes I want to enjoy myself when I'm tired, or cranky, or emotionally bereft... and I need a visual stimulus. And that's where the watching element comes in. So there we have it. Watching other people. So sue me!

[Nota Bené: I had another dream involving RS. In this one, Drinker was with me to begin with, and no sex occurred. RS just invited us to a party at her flat. We didn't even get to go. Huzzah for us!]

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