Saturday, 22 November 2008

U is for... Underneath

Although I am innocent, I am mostly dominant. I'm not ashamed to admit it; I like it on top. I like the missionary position, looking down at her underneath me and watching her body move as I move inside her. I like the feeling of lying there, on top of her. Feeling her under the weight of my chest, her soft skin, her breasts pushed down, and my face buried in her hair. I like that.

But there are occasions where I appreciate the occasional change of pace. I like to be underneath.

And you don't need to be submissive to be underneath. To be honest, you don't need to be either anyway, but if you want to be dominant, you can. You can either command or beg to be ridden. And that's what she's doing when she's on top of me... she's riding me.
That's the only accurate description for what may be daintily termed the astride position. She's on top. She's bouncing up and down, perhaps increasing in speed, and that's riding. No need for spurs and a hat - unless you're really kinky - but she's riding, and that's what feels good. Everything is reversed; I'm still looking at her, but upwards. There's better visibility, too; I can see her breasts, she can see my chest. I can see her skin, hold her sides, finger her clit. I can even kiss her if I sit up briefly. I can rub her nipples... and all the while, she's riding me, and my cock is deeper inside her than ever because, frankly, where else does it have to go? There's no out-and-in, there's just deep-and-very-deep.

So occasionally I say, baby, please ride me? And then I say, yeah, ride me like a cowgirl and don't stop! (Except I rarely say either of those things. I'm paraphrasing.) And sometimes I'm underneath, and I feel her collapse on top of me as she orgasms, and I come deep into her.

Or we flip over and I finish her off that way. You know, whatever works best.

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