Thursday, 20 November 2008

S is for... S. E. X.

So ran the final part of the plan for the end of chapter 3 of my dissertation. My dissertation's brief ran something along the lines of, "write the first half of a novel and then write about your writing." Since I've got the whole thing in a big black book next to me, it's easy to skim through the text and find my initial plan:

Sex; sleep. R crying. [R, by the way, is the main character in the novel.]

My more detailed plan reads:

S. E. X.

My first attempt at writing a sex scene was back at the tender age of 13, when I decided to write an erotic novel. I stole the ideas from softcore erotica I'd seen on L!VE TV, and wrote very innocent stuff describing nothing graphic:

...she was sitting on me, naked, and having an orgasm.

I remember writing it now, thinking I was so naughty. I probably was, now I consider it. Nevertheless, I never got any further than the first page, because I didn't know where it was going, and I also ran out of ideas after a few paragraphs. Within them, my main character had slept with two different girls, and seemed to have no depth whatsoever. But then again, I was 13, and with the opening line "I lay on the bed, making love to one of my more adventurous girlfriends, Rebecca," what can you expect?

Due to the fact that my dissertation was aimed at young adults, I thought that actually writing about sexual intercourse may be a bit over-the-line - I am all for depiction of sexual intercourse and the lack of a stigma associated with it, but this was a comedy detective novel and very little to do with making the lurve - ergo, I tried to find a way of implying that R had sex with C [his girlfriend], without writing it. And I ended up with:

She will fall silent, eventually, and look into my eyes. I'll feel them start to fill with tears, and my love will lean forwards to kiss me.
Tomorrow night will consist mostly of lying awake and fighting off tears while I watch my love sleep, but for that moment, I will be glad of a slight distraction from my problems, as her hands slowly begin to undo the buttons on her shirt…

Does that turn you on? 'Cause, you know, it shouldn't, really.

But still, all that from three letters? Shocking!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's quite impressive for a 13 year old though! I never did anything like that. Such a slow starter :P

There's something kinda cute about your 'erotic' writing though. "...she was sitting on me, naked, and having an orgasm." is a great line! :)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Thanks, Blacksilk! Although I've never lacked the ability to write, so I can't really relate to your post... *blush*

Sorry, I've just realised that I was boasting there. Kindly ignore.