Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Q is for... Quixotic

Just off the tail-end of a planned weekend with my girl, which turned into an evening, weekend, and oneandahalf days. It's difficult to let go of someone when...

a) they're not feeling well
b) they don't want you to let go of them
c) both of the above

...so I didn't push the matter too hard. Nevertheless, everything comes to an end at some point, except love into eternity and seemingly the Iraq War, and so I dropped her off at the station today and proceeded to get on with the mundane life that is, without her, mundane.

I thought of...

i) the new job that I start at the end of the week, and what that may bring
ii) the creative/expressive venture that I am planning for Friday evening
iii) the pub tonight to catch up with friends
iv) the play I'm in

...and then, of...

v) the girlfriend, and how I'm going to see her again on Friday
vi) the opportunities that may be around for Christmas and New Year
vii) the proposed holiday together for romancing and schmoozing
viii) the fun we had seeing The 39 Steps last night

...and, flighty thoughts though they may be, they all brought me hope; they all made me feel a little better. And through it all, it's experiencing love that allows me to have these thoughts... and that numbs the pain. Slightly.

So I say to myself, sincerely for once: "Dream on."

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