Sunday, 16 November 2008

O is for... Oops!

A Western businessman was on a business trip with his colleague, who had a beautiful Japanese girlfriend. He was an unscrupulous man, and decided to seduce the Japanese lady. Sure enough, he managed to work his oily charms, and soon after, love-making began.

"Wakusima," cried the Japanese lady. "Wakusima!"

The businessman, thinking he was being congratulated for his prowess, kept going to the cries of wakusima, until it was all over. Proud, he returned to his conference with a swagger.

The following day, he was playing golf with his colleague. His colleague hit the ball a little too hard, and it sailed across the course, and after bouncing off a rock, it landed in the wrong hole.

The businessmen were surprised. "Damn, wrong hole," said the colleague. His girlfriend agreed; she nodded vigrously, "wakusima!"

As amusing as this little story is, it does raise some questions for the curious. Is there such a thing as a 'wrong' hole? It may not be exactly the hole you were aiming for, but is it wrong? Most reliable sources have told me that to have the aforementioned 'wrong hole' invaded is perfectly pleasurable (if a little unusual). But if she likes it, is it a mistake?

After all, mistakes necessitate innovation. There's a lot of kink in the world, and that leads me to wonder how certain practices got started... I seriously doubt that hitting somebody with a riding crop actually came about as a sexually provocative act to begin with - and tying somebody up almost certainly wasn't - but both are widely done now, and 99% guaranteed to be in any video Kaori Shimizu has appeared in.

Also, if a mistake is something wrong, does that mean that kink is wrong? That such sexual practises which deviate from the 'normal' (hence the 'oops, wrong hole' excuse) are wrong? Maybe a different definition should be applied - not 'right', per se, but perhaps 'right-in-a-different-way', or 'right-but-I-thought-it-was-wrong-to-begin-with-turns-out-I-was-wrong-oh-what-fun' (abbreviated, of course, to LULZ).

So, in the interest of public interaction, I'm going to open this one up to THE AUDIENCE! Have any of you lovely readers had a mishap that's turned out not to be a mishap after all? I'm pretty sure we'd love to hear about it... but if there aren't any mishaps to report, here's a definite example of someone who needs to pay more attention...

Shocking, isn't it?

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