Tuesday, 11 November 2008

J is for... Jogging, Memory-

I exited one campus after this morning's session and started to decide between walking to the next and having lunch. My eyes latched onto the nearest Subway, and therein came my decision to have lunch and then maybe possibly think about starting to perhaps meander towards the beginning of an effort to get to the next campus, if the inclination came my way.

I bade a quick farewell to my mate, who was going to Westminster to catch a tubular transportation device, and stepped out into the plaza. And that's when it happened... for a brief moment, a London wind blew across Westminster Bridge and caught me in the face. It whipped my hair back gently and brough with it a peculiar scent, like a cross between a city and a university campus.

And in that moment, with that scent and that feeling, and the conversations I've been having recently... it all just came back. It rushed back into me, and filled me with a buoyancy I haven't felt for weeks.

That faint interest, the intrigue, the security... that time of confusion, the frantic late-night first trip to Oxford, the sights, sounds and scents it brought to me. The now-familiar, but complicated streets I can drift through on my own now, and the room I ended up in - the bed I ended up in - and the valuable connection I now have... it all came flowing back to me, and my mind was a whirl of colour and sound for but a few seconds.

I breathed in, sighed blissfully, looked across at London, and then walked on into the plaza, feeling ten times more elated than I probably looked.

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Anna said...

They say smell is the most potent memory-jogger. I think it's true! I found a hat the other day that has a faint whiff of smoke about it that reminds me so strongly of a boy I once knew... very peculiar. I hadn't thought about him in months.