Friday, 28 November 2008

It's All About Me

I was tagged by Anna, because she is a heartless ruthless bitch blogger.

Yeah, covered that one up well.

Anyway, here's the meme, sarcasm not removed.

1. Where is your cell 'phone?
First of all, it's a mobile 'phone, there's no such thing as a cell 'phone; cellular 'phones are from the 80s. Second of all, I have two, and they are both next to me - my old one on my desk and my new one on the chair my girlfriend usually sits on, charging quietly. Not loudly. Horses charge loudly. If your 'phone charges loudly, it's probably a horse.

2. Where is your significant other?
Having dinner with an old friend of hers in the City of Spires. Because, you know, that's where she lives, and all.

3. Your hair colour?
I'm not even pointing out the obvious spelling error in the word "colour", which I duly corrected above. In any case, it's black.

4. Your mother?
NO, YOUR MOTHER! Buh-zing!

5. Your father?
Is an actor. And one of the best, in my humble opinion. But then again, I would say that.

6. Your favourite thing?
Another one with a stupid spelling error. Okay, there's a story attached to this one, and I like stories.
The SNES game EarthBound allows you to enter the name of your favourite food, and your favourite thing. I put "Love" as my favourite thing - the default is "Rockin", which isn't even a thing. I then forgot about EarthBound for ages and ages, until I started playing again - in which I levelled up Ness, who is its main character. He then realised the power of PSI Love
, which is actually PK Rockin α, but I'd forgotten I'd entered the word "Love". Therefore, for a time I actually thought that a deadly, destroying psychokinetic attack that only Ness could use was actually ironically called PSI Love.
Spells in EarthBound level up by Greek letter, so I eventually got Ness to learn PSI Love
, which was totally devastating. I picked up on this idea by releasing an updated version of one of my songs, adding β to the end of the original song's title and releasing it as a separate track.

7. Your dream last night?
This involved my old girlfriend's house. She wasn't there. It didn't even look like her house. But it was in her town. Then my actual girlfriend called and I told her I'd go to Oxford to see her, but I needed to get out of Walsall first. The dream ended as I worried about how long it would take me.

8. Your dream/goal?
I don't really know. I'd like to end up writing a book, I guess.

9. The room you’re in?
It's my room, and I like it. It gets cluttered easily, but is the biggest room in the house. It's very cool. The room was actually re-designed by my parents; while I was at uni it had an odd Guantánamo Bay feel to it, and I got back at the end of the three years to find it completely transformed. I felt weirdly pleased.

11. Your fear?
My greatest fear is being alone. I freak out when I feel lonely, which extends to helplessness too. This is why I'm so keen on relationships. I don't mind being on my own, but there's a difference between that and being totally abandoned.
I guess this extends to a fear of prison, too, because if you're incarcerated then you can't see people, and a restriction of freedom of movement actually terrifies me.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Who knows? I don't.

13. Where were you last night?
At home. This was the first day off I'd had since three days beforehand. That doesn't seem that long, but the previous two nights I was working from seven-thirty until eight, so I was at work preceded by home. Last night, I was just home. That I appreciated.

14. What you’re not?
Confident. I never have been.

15. One of your wish-list items?
The entire collection of Batman RIP. Bruce Wayne died yesterday and I have no idea what happened. There's no collection of all the issues coming out until next year, but I'm following Green Arrow and therefore didn't have the cash to buy all the issues in Batman RIP.

16. Where you grew up?
Where I am now. Yeah, I'm boring.

17. The last thing you did?
Spoke to my interfering grandmother, who isn't happy with my chosen career, on the 'phone while making a cup of tea and wondering how best to answer question #6. That, and breathing and typing and answering #16 and things.

18. What are you wearing?
Ooh, a phonesex question? How... distracting.
I'm wearing a black T-shirt that says "DRUMMER" on it, some tough blue jean-type trousers, and some socks which, on closer inspection, are grey. Oh, and some pants which are, after a check, blue. Does it really matter what I'm wearing, though? I could be wearing a string vest, elegant headdress and a tutu and I'd still be the same person.

19. Your TV?
I don't have a TV any more as I Freecycled it. The family has a big TV in the lounge, widescreen and everything, which is good for playing the Wii and watching DVDs, but it's nearing the end of its life at the moment.

20. Your pet?
I have a couple of kitties.

21. Your computer?
Is a laptop named Jim. I named him Jim because I couldn't think of any better names at the time, and besides, I like "Jim". He's been completely and solidly dependable for many, many years now. My previous computer was a dekstop named Preston, who is still under my bed. I can't remember the last time I used Preston, but he got ond and cranky and almost died until I installed BeOS on him, which got him running perfectly again.

22. Your mood?
I'm in a funny mood this evening.

23. Missing someone?
Are you trippin', boy? I'm always missing someone, several people in fact. I miss The Drinker, H, 47, Astro Boy and a whole host of other people. Mostly at the moment I miss Drinker, because I think we both need hugs.

24. Your car?
I don't have a car because I can't drive. Plus, I don't need a status symbol right now. When I eventually do learn to drive, I'll take a crash course (ho ho) and then maybe think about buying a car. Or maybe just a small go-kart so I can throw Koopa shells at people and turn invincible for no apparent reason.

25. Something you’re not wearing?
I'm not wearing any shoes. My socks have stains of sweat on them and my feet are aching like buggery. I need a foot massage, badly!

26. Favourite store?
A store is where you keep things. I think you must mean a shop, in which case I like Forbidden Planet, but I tend to buy the entire shop when I'm there which isn't very kind to me. I also liked WHSmith before they started to sell out a little and pretend to be Waterstone's, which is also incidentally one of my favourites.

27. Your summer?
Anna's answer to this confuses me, because "Hah" doesn't really describe a summer. Everyone must have a summer! My summer was spent hovering between holidays and not-holidays. It was an odd summer, with some very good bits and some very bad bits. But then again, I've never been too keen on summer anyway.

28. Love someone?
Innocent Loverboy, it's in the job description, sweetheart.

29. Your favourite colour?
Well, I have a few actually, but I'll go for blue as my first choice. I'm not exactly sure which shade of blue; maybe blue jive, which is a dark blue I used to have on my old room's wall.

30. When is the last time you laughed?
Today. I cracked at work and started making jokes and odd faces and made people laugh. End of the week and I was tired. So sue me.

31. Last time you cried?
Today. I don't know why. I was on the train on the way back and suddenly had to choke back a few tears. I think that I suddenly saw myself as an utter failure. I've no idea why; I just have the feeling of being a failure a lot of the time. It just leapt out at me. How bizarre that was.

Right, that's the end of the meme. If you've read down this far, you're amazing. I don't tag anyone, because I'm too lazy to look at my blogroll. Ooh, I know, I'll tag Anna. I think she's lovely and she'll definitely tackle this meme with all her might. Oh, and look, she already has!


Anna said...

Hahahah... you know what? Your delightful introduction makes me feel slightly less bad about pointing out that it was a one-word meme, and as such... well. It's all on my blog. Daftie. x

Innocent Loverboy said...

You knows it! x