Monday, 10 November 2008

I is for... Inside

I've talked about words before. I have also talked about exploration. The fact that the phrase "inside me" turns me on more than many other things both links the two and also casts doubt on my mental state. Awesome!

I think the reason that the very idea of being 'inside' someone gets me going is that it seems so unlikely. It doesn't even seem natural (even though it's a natural fact of life and all); it's somewhat taboo to put something inside somebody else - a knife, for example, usually leads to prison. Unless you're in the army... because then it's apparently okay. But I digress; putting something into somebody is weird enough, but when you put yourself into somebody else, that's some sort of freaky paradox.

I'll admit that during sex (and I'll assume you are a boy and they are a girl; if you, like most ILB readers, are a girl, kindly reverse this assumption) you're not actually putting yourself into somebody else; you are, in fact, putting a bit of yourself into somebody else - be it your tongue, your finger, or your cock (anything else you can think of, let me know...) - ergo, the sentence "I want you inside me", while enticing to say the least, is a bit of a falsehood, because what she actually wants is your cock inside her. But, for some reason, I don't find "I want your penis inside me" quite as enticing.

There's that chat-up line, isn't there - "You have 206 bones inside you... would you like one more?" - which, while it makes me laugh, is a little worse. You may as will rip your penis off and hand it to her, or buy her a dildo. The reason I like "you inside me" is that the sentence admits that your cock is, in fact, a part of you. You are having sex with her, because you are inside her.

And then there's the other thing - inside her. Well, you're not, really. You're inside her vagina, and to that effect, her inside womb, with those wet muscular walls contracting around you and...

....sorry, fazed out for a moment there...'re not actually inside her whole body. It's a part of her body, and a pre-defined part of it at that. But that's sort of what I like about the phrase. You are well aware that during sex, a part of you is inside a part of her, and yet the phrase states that you are inside her. It's amazing. There's more of a connection there - maybe even a spiritual connection. If you're that way inclined, then you could suggest that, even though you're linked in the 'special area', your souls join too. It's slushy and maybe a little too Disney, but there's a possibility! Why else would it feel so right?

So, I may use the phrase more often. "I want to have sex with you" is a bit too direct for an ILB to say outright; "I want to make love to you" is more my style. But howsabout "I want to be inside you - deep inside you"? Does that turn you on?

Works for me, anyway.

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