Friday, 7 November 2008

F is for... Fuck

I had a very immature music class in year 8. They were, in fact, my form group, but as we weren't streamed for music, we had the classes in those groups. They were quite immature to the point of about 8 loud-mouthed reprobates doing an ABC game about sex while our long-suffering fourth music teacher was attempting to take a register.

Idiots... you do an ABC game about sex in your own time.

Anyway, they got to F and said, out loud, "F is for Fuck." Our teacher looked at them, scandalised, but didn't manage to say anything more than a stuttering "excuse me" before they sank back into their sordid, twisted game that I then played after school on my own.

What's a fuck?

That's an actual question. There's a lot of discussion about it. Abby Lee uses it a lot, while Todger Talk use "shag" and I'll use "sex" or even "making love" (the latter phrase turns me on). So I throw the question open: what, to you readers, does "fuck" mean? And, if it maeans something different from the general act of sexual intercourse... ever fucked anyone?


Isabella Snow said...

I use fuck and shag, but I will not say 'making love' (shudder!) To me, fucking doesnt require an emotional connection. Shagging probably doesn't either. The ML thing definitely does!

Innocent Loverboy said...

I think that if you're engaged in sexual intercourse with somebody you love, you're more than likely making love. Otherwise, you're having sex - fuck, shag and all the others can mean various contexts, but it's all the same thing, imho.

This doesn't really gel with phrases like, "We're all going to die! Grab the nearest naked person and make love to her!", but that sort of thing turns me on. I think it must be the elaborate phrasing, rather than the cultural implication!

Anonymous said...

I associate the word 'fuck' to mean the more visceral, growly, rolling over, bitey and scratchy type of sex.

Immediate and frenetic.

If I want Mister to be a little rough I'll tell him to fuck me. And vice versa. 'Screw' is in the same vein, but not as grrr as 'fuck'.

Subjective as always.