Tuesday, 4 November 2008

C is for... Confusion

There's nobody in the world who isn't, at certain points, confused by people, whether they love them or not. I'm not saying that my lover confuses me - in fact, I often feel like we understand each other a lot more than anyone thinks (I am, at this point, tempted to start with, "Hello, I'm a Mac / and I'm a PC..."). There are, however, certain points wherein I suddenly think, "hang on, I didn't understand that". To be honest, I like that.

I'm not a fan of ambiguity. But I occasionally like it. There seems to be a culture of trying to work someone out hovering around these days, and maybe there shouldn't be. With regards to my relationship, I'm consistently puzzled by the fact that she seems to find me attractive! But, yes. I am also referring to mood-swings that don't only happen to us, but also to everyone else (H has a huge capacity for changing moods very quickly) - it's a natural human thing, right?

I'm sure she was probably confused by my extremely grumpy, upset mood last night when we were having dinner - I'd had a very bad day, but most people get over it after a while. Go for me, the loser!

The reason I'm writing about confusion, however (finally getting to my point), is that I'm trying to stress the fact that you can be as confused as you like about anyone, but that doesn't mar your relationship with them - be they a friend, a lover or a colleague (except if it's a colleague, they're probably trying to confuse you, in which case I recommend Blast-Ended Skrewts pointed in their direction). You may be confused by their mood, actions, attitudes, et ceteri, but that doesn't take away the fact that they're lovely. Maybe you should try being politely baffled, in fact... I think it's quite endearing.

At least, it is when I do it, anyway.

Do you remember that old TV show,
"Arthur C Clarke's Mysterious World?"
Well, if ITV make a new series,
They ought to come take a look at my girl...
I don't understand her,
She doesn't make any sense to me...
I don't understand her,
But she's as lovely as she can be!

(Neil Hannon / The Divine Comedy)

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