Friday, 10 October 2008

Presence in Sleep

I woke up this morning in bed with her, although we didn't have sex. It was, to be honest, some point after our proposed 6 o'clock waking time, and there was something of a mixture between a dash and a rush (a dush, to use a neologism - although Firefox doesn't put a red line under that, oddly...) to get ready and go to our respective places of work/training (although for her, it was a longer commute).
There was a brief panic moment at Paddington that turned into UTTER HEROICS as bagels were procured the minute the train was leaving, and running like superstars turned into a handover of bagel, a rushed kiss and declaration of love. Then she was gone, gone on the commuter train from London. Travelling with no effort on the part of her poor, tired legs.

I resigned myself to this knowledge, procured another bagel (this time for myself) and used the tubular system to go to training, which resulted in a morning of Maths which was so badly-run you'd think Boris Johnson's ideas have penetrated London further than one would think - either that or they are deliberately torturing us. Or both. A Battle Royale comes next, and I'd better get either the GPS device or the pump-action shotgun. In any case, there was an almost mass walkout.

A quiet lunch on the South Bank, my mind still buzzing with thoughts, my heart both angry at the training and singing the songs of love that seem to make up my life force at the moment, followed by going to the chaplaincy for a drink and a bitch, and then to the afternoon session.
I sat next to a friend who I've forgotten the name of (forgive me, friend!), and the session started. It was snoozeworthy to the max, mostly because all the relevant information was over after 30 minutes, and the hour after that was the same stuff over and over again. Like a badly tuned radio (or maybe very energetic sex), I was slipping in and out at a rather rapid rate (ho-ho). Sometimes I was sitting in college, sometimes I was...

She was sitting on me. Not in a sexual way, but in a joking, loving way. The TV was on, but there wasn't much sound. She was singing a song - not that I can remember what it was. I was laughing at her pretty, cheeky voice. We galloped up and down, on the sofa, almost breathless with laughter at our silly little game...

The tutor was saying something about databases. I wrote down her words (which didn't mean much) on my pad and turned briefly to my friend, who admitted she was as tired as I was. I stopped trying to pay attention, and slipped away...

..and so we spend our carefree days.

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