Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I leave her in my bed; her soft skin only just having been against mine, our bodies entwined, touching each other gently, softly; a morning snuggle - we both know I have to leave, but in the morning, a bed is the best place to be.

Sometimes, she gets angry. I fluster and I blush; I am indecisive; I say things wrongly. I upset her. I upset myself, too. Last night, we kept changing moods. I was afraid to touch her, at points. But as she fell deeper into sleep, I glanced at her. Her face, lying there on my pillow, her hair sprawled out behind her head; eyes closed, steady breathing. Peaceful, untroubled. I look at this beautiful girl. She is beautiful. I love her.

I was indecisive about going to sleep. Eventually, I went. She was in my dreams

This morning, I left her to go to training in London. I travelled in, my thoughts full of her; how I miss her, how I missed her before, and will miss her again. How I love to take care of her, to hold her, talk to her, just to be with her. Once again, I will be. An evening full of music and comedy beckons... after we are reunited, when lunchtime heralds the end of the training session.

Three hours to go.


Isabella Snow said...

Wow that is so sweet!

Innocent Loverboy said...

I do "sweet", honey. :)