Thursday, 2 October 2008

Art from the Heart

I like sex, and I like the arts, ergo: I like it when the two are blended together. I've been enjoying the new series of Secret Diary (ooh, it's on tonight!), although I'm not entirely sure if that counts as 'the arts', it's certainly part of the media. It all depends on your definition of art, really.

I've been reading Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen, which is another sex memoir (to be found in Waterstone's next to the sections headed "If You Read This Book, You Will Get Rich", "I Had A Bad Childhood And So I'm Ruining Your Life By Writing About It" and, of course, "Some Things Are Not Very Good, So I'm Writing That And It Counts As Humour") √° la Girl With A One-Track Mind, except not in he same vein, mostly because it's not based on a blog. Oh, and she's American, too.
I like the way Kerry writes; she's open and frank and very blasé. There's no explicit detail of how the sex happens with the overuse of slight profanities. She says, unblushingly, words to the effect of "we had sex". It's more of a log of her many brief relationships throughout her life, as opposed to one year or so in an attempt to get as much sex as you can and ease a good story out of it. Quite a brief read too (although I do read very quickly, so maybe that's something to do with it), so I finished it in a few days. It all ends rather abruptly, but otherwise it's a good book.
Literature... now that's an art. I'm not sure about the art in non-fiction, but then again I was brought up on Point Fantasy, so maybe I'm biased against it.

Last night, we also watched 9 Songs. I've always been intrigued by this film, because some of the views of it say, "the sex is all real so it's a gimmick to carry an otherwise-lame film," whereas some will say, "it's a film about a relationship which cleverly juxtaposes songs and sex; the fact that the sex is real is irrelevant," but I'm not sure about either view.
I do like all the songs in the film, and it's very artfully shot. It cuts between clips of the bands playing the songs in venues and clips of actual sex, shot in a way that doesn't look much like hardcore porn (thank Glod!). There isn't actually much of a plot (beyond boy-meets-girl), but it's quite a short film and the emphasis is on the way it's done, so that's probably more forgivable than otherwise. Narration is often very short and over shots of Antarctica for some reason, and dialogue is often brisk and humorous, succeeded by more music and sex.
I liked it - I was expecting worse, seeing as how one of my friends described it as being a little voyeuristic, lke looking through someone's window - but it's more curious than enjoyable, if that makes sense. Was worth a watch, and since I was with my love at the time, getting a little turned on was excusable.
Film. That's an art. Sometimes. This was definitely an art film.

And music. That's most definitely an art. Love too. Sex? Well, the way we do it, yes.

But since I'm A Busy Person now, I've started to appreciate the arts a lot more than I used to (I didn't actually think that was possible; I live for the arts). I want to escape into anything that could be appreciated as aesthetically pleasing. With what I'm supposed to be doing, I suppose I have to, to get some sort of a balance.

Light a candle. Look at it. What does it mean? Answers on a postcard!

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