Thursday, 11 September 2008

Coffee, Cake and Love

We didn't all die yesterday, which is quite a good thing, because we had a pretty awesome day and to have everyone sucked into an inescapable vortex would have probably put a dampener on things. Besides, Secret Diary is back tonight, and if we didn't get to see it, Belle would most likely be pissed off.

We made our way into London to see The House of Victor & Rolf, which was a collection of dolls in different variants of fashion by the aforementioned twosome. That's probably a terrible way of describing it, but it was both disturbing and amazing. Not in a bad way or anything. The dresses were very pretty. The dolls were all Autons, I'm pretty sure of it.

Anyway - afterwards, we decided to stay in London for a bit, and so made our way back to a safe place... the flirtatious Coffee, Cake and Kink - and it was still open! (Though for how long, no man can say.) We had oh-my-God-this-is-gorgeous coffee and if-the-LHC-does-create-a-black-hole-I-can-die-happy cake, while sneaking a look at the selections of kinky pictures those guys have got, so in many ways we probably did all three. As we wanted to get to another exhibition, we had to leave pretty sharpish, though.
It's odd, every time I go to CCK, to think that it's closing down, because it certainly gets a lot of business (it was packed when we were there), but it's not really a lack-of-revenue problem; it's an evil landlord. CCK seems like the kind of place a lot of people to go just hang out and chatter - the staff encourage that sort of stuff, too - so here's hoping for another venue that's just as easy to get to!
Plus, they're going to start selling cake over their webshop. Christmas has come early. Except for the fact that you may have to part with money...

The exhibition we went to see afterwards was Love at the National Gallery. Now, this was interesting.
As you can imagine from the National Gallery, it was all rather highbrow - but I can deal with that, I spent three years doing an English degree - a selection of paintings and other pieces of art (all right, paintings and two statues) all depicting different types of love! Brilliant! Lots of artfully naked people in different poses, evoking sexual love, romantic love, motherly love and even religious love - I'm into my Christian symbolism, but I'd forgotten most of the Greco-Roman myths and how varied their depictions are (which, considering how my nickname used to be Eros, is shameful). Interesting, too, to see how the neo-classical artists were still inspired by ther style. Marvellous stuff.
The video (no, not that sort of video) was really interesting too... but what caught me most was the final piece vaguely connected to the display...

Secret Piece III is the brainchild of Yoko Ono, so you know it's going to be weird, but that's probably what makes it so interesting. Blank canvases are placed on the walls of the room, and in one corner is a table with a pen and some differently-coloured Post-It notes. The instructions are simple: write a message to, or about, the one you love, and put it on a canvas somewhere. When the canvasses are full... well... they get sent back to Yoko, I guess. As the one I love was there, it was pretty easy. In fact, I posted three notes, one on each of the canvasses available - but my favourite simply read:

innocent loverboy

the drinker

...and I left it at that.

We filled up with Mexican food, went home, watched Tea with Mussolini and made love. Good day, overall. And, despite the complexities of a varied day trip into Central London, the message it carried was made perfectly clear.

What's the message?

See above.


The Drinker said...

I hearts you also.

I want more Mexican foods! Thank you for a lovely lovely few days, as always.


Anonymous said...

CCK's still open? Ooh! We're going up to London tomorrow and may have to drag a friend of ours in if tis still there. Thanks for the tip!

Innocent Loverboy said...

Mention me, my dear Blacksilk - they may recognise the name. Mention yourself too, in fact. Harlequin (tall, blonde) reads your blog, if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get much chance I'm afraid, one I'm rather shy and two there was a very annoying Yank there that was putting us all off. Besides which I don't think I've met this Harlequin, unless she's the larger slightly Scandinavian-sounding one?

If they're still open and you see her though, say hi from me :)