Friday, 29 August 2008

Je t'adore

We went to France; we are now back.

It's not as simple as that, but that is what it boils down to, essentially. My enjoyment of the holiday is also not as simple as that, but basically I had a great time - so worry not! We visited all sorts of interesting and exciting locations in Provençal France, played some fun games, had some of the best food I've had all year, looked after the cutest cats, and, of course, had lots of sex.

The one occasion that sticks in my mind was our last night...

We'd had a fun evening playing games (Articulate!, if I remember correctly) and were all ready for our departure the following day. We were snuggled-up in bed and, after a while, the urges began to grow - as they do when you're in bed with a naked girl. She felt the same.
I started touching her, and she suggested we roleplay for a while - nothing heavy, just a bit of light RP to get us into the mood. My brain switched back on and, through THE POWER OF MY VOICE, I constructed a situation which involved the conductor of a symphony orchestra and his pianist.

Yes, really.

We ended up kissing passionately, me lying on top of her, and my fingers... doing naughty things... at the same time. I was hard, she was wet, and before long, the inevitable conclusion happened - I carefully teased her clit with the tip of my penis, and then slid into her, settling down inside, feeling her warm, moist walls around me. Beautiful.
We started to move, and I gradually picked up my speed, thrusting faster and faster into her, as our moans increased in volume (although not too loud - there were other people in the house!), and sweat broke out on my chest. I paced my strokes, using all my excess energy to go as fast as possible, and God, that was good sex.
"Are you going to cum?" she asked, as I paused for breath, and lay there licking her neck.
"Maybe," I replied. I was certainly feeling it. "Why, are you?"
"I don't think I am," she whispered. "Maybe we should stop."
I didn't want to stop... so I didn't.

My hips were getting a little tired by this point, but she was certainly wet enough, and I wanted to make this a night to remember, so I gradually kissed my way down her body to start some of my favourite licking. I kept this up for a while, alternating between licking all the way up her lips to gently stimulating her clit, until I just couldn't take it any more! Jumping back up, I threw myself onto her again, and slid my penis back in. A few frantic, passionate thrusts, and she tipped over the edge, melting into the happy orgasm that may not have happened a few minutes beforehand.

Post-orgasm - I was still hard, and thankfully, she was still into it. After her waves had subsided a little, I cleaned her up with my tongue (ahem!), and then started gently stroking her boobs, kissing her neck, and maybe a little lick or two up her back (I like backs; don't ask me why, I don't know, but hers is ever-so-sexy...). You can't beat a gentle caress to show your love, and that's what we were doing... but we needed more. And I needed to cum - I'd had some great orgasms that holiday, but it was our last night - must show appreciation, n'est-ce pas?

I decided to go for some more licking - really, I just can't get enough mouth action sometimes - and so I settled back down between her legs, licking her eagerly as before, but this time using a couple of my very bad fingers too - one inside her wet lips, exploring and keeping it warm; one stimulating her 'other' hole, not penetrating, but a gentle push every now and again, which certainly seemed to hit a sweet spot.
I carried on in this vein for some time, and then on her suggestion started touching myself too, a sort of mutual masturbation with only me taking part - except her legs were clasping me quite tightly, and judging by what she was doing, she was enjoying it all just as much. Eventually, however, there was too much at stake for me to continue wanking myself, and put all my effort back into the licking and fingering... coaxing her, once again, to fall back into her orgasms.

This one was intense. Virtually silent, lots of twitching and so much hypersensitivity that even a slight touch anywhere on her body could set her off again. I lay next to her, throbbing hard, as I felt her come down from it after a while. But as I was lying there, my hand was clasped firmly around my penis, and I was rubbing it. Lots.

I thought of the girl next to me, and relived the sex we'd just had in my head. I listened to her moans, and my stifled shouts. I even felt the waves of orgasm coming from her form next to me. And as she rolled over, she slid an arm around me, and lay there kissing me. I felt her warmth, her lips against my cheek and neck, and her body lying there, and with a final, definite pulse, I came hard, shooting a jet of cum onto my stomach, and then a longer one which hit my chest and neck, and her chest too, followed by occasional bursts of the stuff which covered my nether regions. It's not pretty, but it feels fantastic.

There we were - two lovers on a bed in southern France, panting with the post-orgasmic haze which had settled onto us, following what was almost certainly some of the best sex of my life, both covered in sweat and my cum, and me wondering if I had enough energy left to stand up and walk to the bathroom next door.

There'd be more kisses and a snuggle before sleeping afterwards, I thought as I took a few unsteady steps over to the door, glancing at my love lying there with a grin on her face.

But if you're going to end a holiday... end it with a bang.


Anonymous said...

lucky girl xxx

~ Storm said...

Oh no, loverboy, it IS pretty. I love watching a guy cum. I love everything about it :-) Hot post...