Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Rubber Love

I came, for the first time in my life, into a condom, earlier on this evening.

Yeah, I was masturbating. Sue me.
She is away. I was, ahem, 'using' her words, and my memories, as well as my imagination. It always works well... after a while, anyway. But I had a condom on... because I wanted to try.

I don't cum into condoms. It's just not something I've ever done. Non-latex, natural feeling, lubricated, flavoured, ribbed or dotted... whatever condom I have on, I've never cum into one. I don't know why... it just doesn't happen. I guess I prefer unprotected sex, but then again who doesn't? It's a more natural feeling. And it's not as if I don't like condoms. I do like them. They feel quite nice to have on, in the right circumstances - plus, they have the slightly cheeky factor so they're a bit naughty to buy (it's like saying, "Hi, I have sex!").

I've just never cum into a condom before. Something happens - or doesn't happen, rather. I could be having the most intensive sex of my life and I'd probably still only achieve a dry orgasm.

But this time, I basically worked at it. Not a bully wank, not a painful one, not with pressure. Just concentrated on what/who I was thinking about, trying to ignore the sounds my condom was making as I stroked it - although after a while they began to sound like a penis slapping into a vagina, so that helped as well - and after about half an hour or so, I felt the first tremors and the tightness around my crotch which could only mean I was about to cum.

I stroked once or twice more, which tipped me over the edge, and as I fell into a pleasant orgasm, I felt the cum fill up the previously empty tip of the condom. This time, it wasn't just precum that it had caught; the actual sticky white salty goo. I tied a knot in its end, felt a bit stupid for a while, and then threw it in the bin, wrapped in tissue.

So, maybe a bit of a pointless exercise, because all I did was masturbate. But I came into a condom, and that proves I can actually do it...

...if I set my mind to it...
...and I have the right stimulation...
...and enough time...
...and it's a good day, with the wind behind me!

But I did it!

Happy now?!


Anonymous said...

I just can't stand condoms, they seem to make things more difficult all round, so well done you! :)

Oh, and if it doesn't sound too creepy, more posts about orgasms please! I'm extremely interested in how the male orgasm feels, I love hearing about it since obviously I can never experience it.

Anonymous said...

Condoms are good for one or two things.

1) Camping. Otherwise, euuuw with the sleeping bags!

2) Erm...maybe that's it. Apart from the whole no STDs thing.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Never had sex in a tent, so I can't really know about that...

Silly really, as I've been camping every year since the age of 6.