Sunday, 20 July 2008

Holy Loverboy

Through a rather random chain of events, I was baptised as a Christian this morning. To be honest, it's not that random a chain of events - I've been a Christian since the approximate age of 6 and asked our minister to sprinkle the magic water recently; he even gave me a date... only I forgot.
Anyway, it was today, and therefore I was baptised. I was wearing a Super Mario Bros T-shirt and my testimony was slightly rushed (although suitably nonchalant; I'm sure you can imagine my speeches are about as serious as my blog entries), but it happened. I am at one with the Lord, and all that.

I could write about how to justify my rather liberal views towards pre-marital sex, homosexuality, the virgin birth, burning one's mother and so forth with the Christian faith, but to be honest this isn't the time (although it is the place) to do that, so that comes later. Instead, I'll tell you about another baptism I went to...

My best friend's baptism was a few years ago. He found God while wearing a trenchcoat and, although it's slightly scary how rapidly he's actually got into his religion, I was - and I guess I still am - pleased for the guy. He's risked alienating a lot of his friends and offending everyone possible for it, which may be a little stupid... however, he has faith and it's to be respected (if not necessarily agreed with).
However, I'm deviating (gosh!); I went to see his baptism and I actually travelled to where he lives (Canterbury, since you ask - or not) to see it. His parents went, too - which is more than can be said for my parents - and I know them well, so that was okay, as did his friends.

Full immersion for him, none of this slightly shivery water being splashed on the forehead, as I had - and he was very pleased to be reborn, it seemed - and after everything was dried off, we all went for a well-deserved lunch.

"Since I've been reborn," he said, "I'm going to live my new life by the first song I hear."

On went the car radio, and sure enough, the lyrics of the first song dictated how to live a life, all right...

"I'm horny... horny horny horny... so horny... I'm horny horny horny tonight..."

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Anna said...

Heyhey, congratulations! I'm really pleased for you. I got baptised - full immersion - when I was 12, and I can honestly say I didn't realise how important that was for me until several years later.

That song story's pretty funny, either that was sheer bad luck or the Big Dude's got a sense of humour ;)

Best of luck with all your fruit-growing and race-running and all those other crazy metaphors for slowly turning awesome in strange and inexplicable ways!

x x x