Friday, 11 July 2008

The Edge of Vanilla

"I really wish I was tied up right now."

I've only just realised how that sentence should have actually been, "I wish I were tied up right now." However (English graduates as we both are and, ergo, one of us should have spotted the mistake), I'm going to use the excuse that we were both too turned on to actually bother with the rules of grammar.

They apply in every other situation. Don't judge me.

I was slightly taken-aback. Given that my large, double bed has a huge metal bedpost, a quick tie wouldn't have been difficult. It would have looked right. It definitely felt right. Not having ever tied anyone up before (sexually or otherwise... although being in a Christian youth club and tying each other up while singing Bind Us Together was close), however (and not having considered the idea), I couldn't think of anything to tie her with.

I regretfully pulled out, and got up from the bed, wandering across the room.
"I think I've got a..." I said, as I pulled open my wardrobe and started rooting through my costume shelf. Come on... you've got something somewhere... a belt or a sash or a...
There it was.

I looped the long, thin, soft, lime-green sash around her hands. After she pulled them out of the loop with relative ease, I did it a few times and pulled it quite tight. A knot, then tied into a pretty bow. Using the rest of its length - it's a long sash, goes 'round my shoulders a good few times - I made some loops around my helpfully-shaped bedpost, and knotted those once, twice, three times.

I didn't tell her the sash was from a Robin Hood costume. Considering what we were using it for, I didn't really see the point.

Okay... so I've tied my girlfriend up. For the first time. Ever.
I considered.
This is going to be good.

And you know what? It was!


Anonymous said...

Welcome, ILB, to the delights of light bondage. And with such style!

Your lady is certainly bringing out your hidden kinky depths. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I'm rather excited for you! Who'd have thought you'd join the ranks of the perverted after all?! :D

Wow, though. You can't just leave us with that, details, man, details!

Oh, and she'll probably read this anyway, but tell your lucky lady thanks from me for introducing you to the fine world of BDSM ;)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Kinky? Perverted? Me? Question marks? Are cool?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...perhaps we should have a debate over what exactly constitutes 'perversion' and 'kink' in today's society.
The current 17-35(maybe) age group, I am sure, have indulged in bondage of some sort to varying degrees. I should look it up. Goodness knows where.

The Drinker said...

Mmmm, that photo brings back memories!

(LadyP, I would like to be the one carrying out that research! Imagine the questions you could ask, dressed in respectable suit, bespectacled, with a clipboard! Hehe!)

Robin Hood sash or no, light bondage agrees with us, methinks...