Monday, 16 June 2008

The Loss of Innocence

You will not believe the amount of sex I had last night.

Okay, maybe that's a little unfair; you might believe it. In fact, if I say, "we had sex twice," it doesn't sound that impressive, but believe me, it is.

We got back to my house to a rather bizarre scene, and once it was all cleared up (insofar as it could be - not something I'll go into here; none of my business, quite frankly), we put her stuff in my room and were just planning to go out for a meal when it became somewhat apparent that a meal wasn't really what happened to be on our minds. After a rather frisky conversation and a bit of rather risqué movement, we surrendered to our impulses, and ended up having wonderful, frantic, hard, desperate emergency sex on the floor, still fully clothed as far as we could be.

I've never done anything like that before.

A rather cheeky moment of silence followed before we walked merrily into town for a meal - what a meal, by the way. Jesus. I hadn't actually realised I was that hungry. A shared starter, main course with two sides and a dessert. Fuck me, that's good. A nice warm summer evening made for a pleasant, if a little tiring, walk back. We reentered the house and made for my room, mostly because we really needed to check Wikipedia for details we were debating about (she won the debate, of course, because she was right).

The movie we began to watch - it's got me in it, by the way, just not nearly enough - she found funny as hell, which is interesting 'cause mostly it causes bemusement. Halfway through the movie, however, I found myself in a position which, er, doesn't really make for much suppression of any sexual urges. I believe Blacksilk has mentioned something like doggie style, but lying down. Yeah, it was like that. Except we were watching a movie, and we also had bedclothes on.
Neither of these things lasted for long, although the movie was still playing. I'm not entirely sure either of us was paying attention, though.

The sex was amazing, although for a sizeable amount of time not much actual sex went on. A lot of it was me touching, experimenting, stroking - seeing what I could do and what worked. Dear God, I felt naughty. But it was all right, you know, here I am in a relationship and I'm in bed with my girlfriend, and I'm doing things to her which make her feel good. At that moment, everything was right with the world, and nothing could bring me down.
Nothing did, in fact. We had sex (penetrative sex, I guess, if you don't take the whole session, however Glod-damned long that was) a couple of times, during one of which I came; I worked my hardest and took her to the brink of orgasm a couple of times, using my fingers - in as many ways as I could think of - and my tongue. And twice, at least, I felt her shake with orgasm.

I've never done anything like that before. (Well, not in that way, for that period of time, with that intensity, and not with anyone I'm actually falling very fast for this much.)

I was pretty exhausted, as was she. We drifted to the standard 'sleeping' positions and held each other for a while. It was warm, and soporific. I listened to her breathing, and eventually sleep took its hold.

To save you all from being physically sick, and because I know some of the people who read this and they probably don't want to see this kind of post over and over and over again (and, let's face it, it'd make for quite a boring blog and I like variety), I won't post about how we have sex every day. But, the way things are going, and seeing as how she's supposed to be staying with me for two weeks I can see that this is going to be...

...dare I say it?...


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Anonymous said...

Ooh, sex fully clothed! I loved that when Fractal and I did it, really must do it again sometime, but its not really something you can plan.

I'm glad you're getting to do all the exploring and experimenting that goes with getting to know your partner and all the marvellous things you can do with them. There's something so good about getting to know a person sexually, knowing what they like and how they like it.
All that finding out is the most important, most enjoyable part of sex.