Monday, 9 June 2008

Addiction VIII: Dry Sex

Not so much an addiction as a curiosity which has much more value than a lot of people think, the act of dry sex can actually be rather sweet, as opposed to properly sexy, although if (as is the case) it happens when you're feeling frisky, it helps work you up something terribly - and then it tends to lead to actual sex, which is even better.

But, anyway...

Dry sex can be a bit hazardous or painful if you're not doing it properly, but it has a lot of value for a couple who don't actually want to have sex (or do, but aren't doing it yet). It's hardly an alternative to other forms of sex, such as oral sex or stimulation via the hand, yet if you feel the need for a whole body on top of / underneath you, or if the thing that excites you is to see your partner's face while making love to them, then it's something you can do. Additionally, if you're in a sexually active couple and it's not the time or place to actually have sex - or if you've just worn each other out - there has to be a certain value to dry sex.

Then there's the variable amount of clothes you can have on. Not wearing anything on your top half, for example, can be sweet as fuck if your bottom half is covered. (I myself had a lot of fun last night as I was being rode steadily while discussing how I'd been feeling in the past, while no actual penetration was happening, but there was a lot of skin against skin... but that's not what I'm going to write about... yet.) Moreover, if it's only underwear (again, last night...) or maybe even pyjamas (what? they're smooth, okay?), there can be a lot of stimulation without any real intercourse. But again, if you're stimulated that much, it can always lead to sex.

But let's be frank here... who hasn't actually been in a sex position with clothes on? Even a passionate kiss leading to a backwards tumble onto a bed (sofa, sleeping bag, bale of hay...?) could count, if you happen to land in the missionary position (+10 points for astride, +100 for doggie, unless you're kissing your partner's back, in which case, why are they still wearing clothes?).

I'm pretty much ecstatic with the situation I'm in at the moment - evening fun with kisses, movies and sex last night, and the promise of more this evening - but it wouldn't have been the same if there hadn't been those few moments of dry sex during kisses, where I murmured my desire to make love to her, and then stopped to finish making some food for us. For a start, if we'd been having actual sex, the food would have burned.

Not that it would have mattered much.


Anonymous said...

You write so well about these little things that speak volumes.

I quite fancy playing your game you've got going with falling over into sex positions. How many points for a tangled mess on the floor leading to a sprained ankle whilst still snogging?

I love the movies and sex combo. It just feels so suited. Cinema/DVD = snuggling together, hand-holding leading to tickling and so on...

Innocent Loverboy said...

You get +5 point for that, minus one for the sprained ankle, plus two more if you ignore it. If it then leads to sex you get about +100.