Thursday, 8 May 2008

Hot Hot Heat

The summer does strange things to strange people.

I wouldn't say I'm more horny during summer. Not really. Perhaps the whole image of making love in large bales of hay to farm girls during warm summer evenings turns me on (boy, does it ever), and of course there's the added detail or more sweat during sex while it's hot, making for more lubrication, ease of sliding back and forth, and of course no covers on the bed afterwards, so you can sleep together totally naked and exposed to air, which has a certain na
ïveté to it, even.

Anyway... before I get any more in the mood to slide recklessly into any warm and welcoming girl (please form an orderly queue over there; snowdrop gets first priority), back to my point... I may not be any more horny during the summer, but I do flirt a lot more. Like, with everyone... constantly.

It's not that I don't flirt anyway, because, well, I do. A lot. But often, I manage to curb it. If I think I'm going too far, or she's not comfortable, or I'm not comfortable (usually, it's not the latter), I change tack and talk about something different. But mostly, I flirt - it comes naturally.
But in summer, for whatever reason, I just flirt more. I don't think there's any explanation for it - maybe it's the desire for a summer girlfriend, summer sex, summer lovin' (only not Summer Nights as I don't like Grease) - I don't know what it is. But it's summer, so I am constantly winking at girls I vaguely know, flashing smiles at counter girls, chatting informally to girls I work with...

I'm hardly a creature on the hunt (to all intents and purposes, I don't want to hunt; I have my sights on one person... mostly), but I am flirting. And I'm a nice person to flirt with.

Especially in the heat.

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! So I am not crazy when I thought that people seem to flirt more in summer.

Shame its not sunny today, its all cold and wet now, else you could've been practising your flirting skills some more!

Anonymous said...

I have to be inside today. Le sigh. Still going to wear a pretty dress though ;)

(Also, I can't believe I forgot the Smiths!)


Anna said...

Miniskirts, strappy tops, bare feet, bikinis... you really can't work out why you flirt more in summer? ;)

Anonymous said...

Gah, if I have sex during the summer I'll collapse of heat, I just know it.
Also, you people with your knowing how to flirt, you make me sick :P

Anonymous said...

Girly girls in skirts and sunglasses and blokey boys in long shorts and nothing much else...Mmm I love the summer. Especially down by the sea.

Lucky moi.

I don't get the flirting either - I just go giggly and terribly shy. As I've said before, boys scare me.