Friday, 21 March 2008

Sex-Is-Good Friday

I like Spring, I like holidays, I like chocolate, and I like Jesus, so - for all intents and purposes - I quite like Easter. Furthermore, we all get a four-day weekend this time around, and seeing as how I'm not a student it doesn't clash with any holiday I happen to be taking, which is really nice.

Easter, of course, marks the end of Lent. I've never been quite sure about when it ends; I should be, but unless I can be corrected, it ends on Palm Sunday, so maybe this post is a little late. 40 days of giving something up, because Jesus went on a long fast. Well, Jesus may have been able to fast, but he was the Son of God, so he could do stuff like that. As evidenced in "The Vicar Of Dibley", however, it's a little harder for us bog-standard humans to be able to give something up.

I don't do it; there's nothing I feel like giving up (and, frankly, I don't need to prove to myself that I like Jesus). However, the memory will always stick in my mind of a 62-year-old woman I used to work with saying, out loud, with relish, "I'm givin' up sex."
I know, I know - 62, you'd think she wouldn't be having any anyway, right? But this woman was an amazing, dynamic person - and still is; working hard, married with children (and grandchildren, I believe), and confident enough in her humour to get a laugh out of giving up sex... although it was the way she just came out with it that made it funny. Anyway, I digress.

I always said, too, that I was giving up sex over Lent. It would be easy to do as I never seem to get any sex anyway, so there - problem solved. Speaking of which, I'd be able to give up drugs, alcohol, smoking, and eating meat as well. Five things!
However, this year I actually had sex during Lent. Ergo, my usual adage didn't work. Never mind.

I fail to see, however, why giving up something like sex is something that should even be considered. I can sort of understand giving up something that would be detrimental to your health - but for spiritual enrichment, why give up something that makes you feel good? Surely, if Jesus died so that we can enjoy life, sex should be encouraged? That is, of course, the way I see it. So, next time Lent rolls around, I'll be encouraging more sex than usual - just to make up for those who will actually try to cut down (or even give up wanking - that's pointless).

Though I'm sure the vicar would give a different point of view, had he got an actual answer to, "Have you given anything up for Lent, Mrs K?"

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