Monday, 11 February 2008

Let's work it out, boy

* Love2Suck pulls off her panties and nightie, now completely naked, she lowers her steaming wet pussy onto wheatsheaf's cock

Sometimes, I'm not in the mood for anything except sex.
I'm home from work, I've eaten lunch, watched Family Guy, scanned some art in for one of the websites I help to moderate, and somewhere within this domestic order I'm feeling a little turned on... so my first instinct is, "okay, you know how to tackle this..."
But at the moment I don't. Rather, I do, but I'd actually prefer not to. I don't want to break out the soft porn, or visit a sex chatroom, or search my room for sexy pictures, or even lie back and envision ridiculous situations involving me, girls and sherbet lemons in combination. In fact, I don't even want to exercise my hands at all.

What I want, in fact, is to be sitting in my computer chair, when a girl with flowing locks of curly red hair walks through my bedroom door...
ILB: "Can I help you?"
Girl: "Well, I don't know... can you help me?"
ILB: "What with?"
Girl: "I'm giving you everything, all the joy can bring. This, I swear."
ILB: "Excuse me?"
Girl: "Oh, wait. Hang on, that's the Spice Girls. Shall I try that again?"
ILB: "Go ahead."
Girl: "Wanna have sex?"
ILB: "I thought you'd never ask!"
She skips over to me, lifts me off my chair and pulls me into a deep, passionate and warming kiss. Before I know it, I'm unbuttoning her shirt, and she's pulling off my t-shirt. Her round, perfect breasts are revealed, and I suckle absentmindedly on one of her nipples, making her moan softly with anticipation.
I walk backwards, and she playfully pushes me back onto the bed. My trousers and pants are taken off, and without even removing her skirt, she positions herself over me, and slowly lowers herself onto me. I feel myself penetrating her, and my penis slipping past her soft folds, nestling inside her...
[40 minutes later]
Girl: "That was beautiful."
ILB: "No, you're beautiful."
Girl: "Yes, I know. What do we do now?"
ILB: "I've got an idea... if you open your legs..."
She spreads her legs wide, and I move my head downwards. I clear my throat, and move towards her special area. She closes her legs behind my head, and sighs deeply.

That's the sort of thing I want to do.

Girl: "Mmmmm. That's what I want, what I really, really want."
ILB: "...What?!"


Anonymous said...

Nicely written, ILB.

You do make me giggle with your Spice Girls mentions. That's what you get for growing up 10 years ago as a prepubescent boy with 5 sexy(?) chicas as your role models for female sexuality!

Or were you an All Saints guy?

Innocent Loverboy said...

I didn't really like ether of them, but I preferred the Spice Girls - mainly because All Saints seemed to capitalise on R&B covers of songs that didn't need a cover...