Friday, 4 January 2008

savin zelda, brb

Here's what this post is about... LINKS!

*Takes a bow as the audience erupts into raucous laughter at his wondrous wit and ready repartée.*

I think there's some sort of 20% penalty if you start up a sex blog without linking to Girl with a One-Track Mind. But, to be frank, fantastic writer as Abby is, she's suddenly gone all dark and brooding (and deadly serious) in her blog, which isn't the sort of stuff you'd come to expect having devoured her novel.

So, if you're looking to read about sex (like, OMG! Reading sex blogs and expecting SEX... scandal!), I suggest you read some of the links on the right - sex bloggers who actually write with an acceptable grasp of language, and have valid points to make... only don't spend all their damn time making them.

Of course, if you only want sex and no actual blog, then there's always this blog. What a community this is.


Anonymous said...

I, of course, would hihgly recommend the blog written by that callipygian super(wo)man Blacksilk. I'd do her. :P
(Oh and bags of kudos if you can tell me what geeky thing I referenced in that)

On that note I do love the way you mix the geekdom with the sex, it's great. Especially as I'm not only a geek, but I'm also riding one (vague reference to a Dara O'Briain joke there :))

Keep it up!

Innocent Loverboy said...

*California schoolgirl voice (think Shirley from Tiny Toons)* Oh yeah, like, Blacksilk is, like, so totally hot, I'd, like, do her, or some junk.

Although how having shapely buttocks makes you a superwoman I don't know. (PS: The above is a lie. I just answered my own question.)

I am now going to attempt to outgeek you by mixing it with sex once more:

> A Building
You are standing inside a building, a well house for a large spring. On the floor is a naked girl. Her legs are open.

What do you do?: go south

~ Storm said...

These links look interesting. Always look for new places to roam and sniff out (grin)

Anonymous said...

Me or some junk? Thanks for the compliment! :P

As for the shapely buttocks tis a Zero Punctuation quote, if you don't know it I suggest you look it up. They're genius :)

Your geeky reference is nice but unfortunately two steps towards the girl and the lights go out. You are eaten by a grue :P

As for geeky sex, Fractal and I are both roleplayers and so, for laughs, have played Strip Opposed Dice Rolls with each other. He won. Geekiest sex I've ever had :)

Elizabeth said...

Well hello there!

Don't tell anybody (it's a sekkrit)...but there's no *actual* sex on my blog.

I'm hoping people don't notice.

Welcome to the blogosphere! Need more men sex bloggers, glad to see you.

hugs, E

Innocent Loverboy said...

E: Thank you. Your blog's got the sparkle of pop culture, even if there's more cheeky references than sex there, so I think it more than deserves a link!

~storm: You commented just as I was about to add a link to you. Honest. It's one on the list in the Notepad file on my desktop.

Blacksilk: Marvellous! You are my new favourite person.

Tom Allen said...

Don't tell anybody (it's a sekkrit)...but there's no *actual* sex on my blog.

I'm hoping people don't notice.

::Tom does some fact checking::

Dammit, E, there's no freakin' sex on your blog! How the hell did you fool me this long?

IL, welcome to blogsville. We really need more sparkly, intelligent bloggers in this neighborhood, male or otherwise.

Innocent Loverboy said...

It's hardly welcome to blogsville if I've been blogging for about 7 years already, but thanks for the sentiment.

I recognised your icon and blog when I clicked on it... so I may have encountered you somewhere before...

Gemz said...

Here here to the praising comments, enjoy reading.