Monday, 28 January 2008

Grey, white and flaxon yellow

Everyone's sexually attracted to a certain type of person. For me, it's geeks. Well, I'm one myself, so that fits. But I'm talking physically here. I find girls who are shorter than me sexy (and I'm tall, so that widens the range somewhat). I like girls who aren't too thin; I like girls who wear glasses. I like girls with a well-defined nose (seriously). I like white girls...

...but every now and then, I begin to think that I absolutely have to have lots of sex with girls who are black.

It's odd. I've never fancied a black girl. White, yes - many; Indian, yes; Mauritian, yes; East Asian, yes. But I've never been too attracted to what one may term a 'black' person. (Incidentally, only 2% of the British population is black. They mostly live in London, so I was very surprised to find that out as we have such a diverse society here!) But this has nothing to do with individual people or actual preferences. I'd like to fuck a black girl.

I've never even been that turned on by inter-racial porn. I mean, there shouldn't be race boundaries anyway (despite what the brilliant Avenue Q might say in jest), but porn manufacturers/hawkers do make a big deal of the fact that porn has inter-racial elements. I really don't like black men in porn. Their penises are far too big and I don't care much for their hairstyles, either! So I've never liked black/black, or white girl/black man (which is ALWAYS white slave/black master... ALWAYS).
But, for some reason, I really like black girl/white man. I really, really do like it. I think it's hot.

I've no idea why. There's no social taboo any more (or there shouldn't be post-circa-1990), but I like tall, ebony women with flowing, dark hair... curves in all the right places; nice, shapely behind; breasts like the hills of heaven; full, kissable lips; playful manner; dynamite in bed... you get the idea, right? And every now and again, my fantasies flicker to a dominant-but-gentle black girl enticing me to bed to, as it were, mix colours. Usually after I've watched porn with that content, I admit.

I don't think it's going to happen, ever, because I don't think I'll ever hook a black girlfriend/lover/swing. As I said... I've never actually fancied a black person.

But it's a lovely fantasy, n'est-ce pas?


Anonymous said...

For Heidi With Blue Hair. I recognised the title quote immediately. It was in our poetry anthology for GCSE :)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Oh man, I seriously hoped somebody'd get it! I knew it would be you.

How was your weekend? Was there nothing to report, as the papers said? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Getting a reputation for spotting your references, am I? :)

You're just showing off now though :P

Last weekend (not this one) was great though as Fractal was down ;)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Wouldn't you prefer it if he were up? ;)

Jessie said...

Go the geeks!!!