Thursday, 3 January 2008

Addiction III: Kisses

Well... just like the amount of sex I've had, I haven't kissed that many girls either. Six at the last count. When you consider that I spend a remarkable amount of time at hippie camps where there's one hell of a lot of promiscuity and people gain some sort of freaky status by the amount of people they've pulled, that's somewhat surprising. Sure, I've watched people get off many, MANY more times than I've managed to get off with anyone myself.

But that's not the point.

A kiss feels great. Perhaps even more than oral pleasure, it's a crucial precursor to sex, but even sans intercourse, kisses can be one of those special moments that have you flying past the stars on silver wings. Or they can tell you things that your kissée's mouth will never say (I knew from the way she kissed that my former girlfriend was cheating on me... honest...).
My problem is that, with the rather blasé attitude towards a good snog one can get at places I've been (university is one, the aforesaid camps and meetings of the same group are another), there's something about me that somewhat puts people off - what is it? The lack of drugs in my bloodstream, the absence of alcohol? They haven't shown any resistance to lying on the floor cuddling me (or in a mass cuddle including me)... so what's different about a kiss?

I know, there's a lot of difference between a hug (I'll write about that at some point too) and actually sliding your tongue into somebody's mouth, physically - but if you just want to show affection for your friends, well... I guess it depends on the individual. Let's just say I wouldn't object, really. But then again, I wouldn't object to having sex with quite a few of my friends either, so I'm hardly one to talk.

Man, this post was waivery. Let's finish off with a statistic: of the six people that I've made out with, two were drunk.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I can beat that! Out of five people, two of them were in a club (I therefore assume they were drunk, though one I'm not so sure about). Of the other three, one of them, despite being my boyfriend at the time, only ever gave me a peck on the lips. And it can't even be blamed on being young and shy, this was at uni.

Do I win? :P

I assume you're happy to initiate kisses? If not, that could be it. If so I'd just go with 'people are idiots'.

P.S. It is impossible to balance a keyboard on a cat.

Innocent Loverboy said...

You win!

I don't initiate kisses, not that I ever get close enough to. If we're talking about simple pecks, I've administered those to all and sundry, including 24 hands in one night.

People are idiots, yeah, I'll go with that.

It's equally impossible to balance a cat on a keyboard. Well, okay, it's not, but once my cat has sat on my keyboard I have to take about 432984731089470 hairs out of it. I won't be trying that again.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, I win at being hideously unkissable....yay...... :P

I could never initiate them either, until Fractal made me, he gave me so much confidence. Hmm, I may have to blog about that sometime.

Yeah, I don't count pecks in my in my snog-count either. Long pecks, though I wouldn't mind counting, because that would count has my first hint of lady-lovin', hurrah!

I imagine cats on keyboards may also cause your blog to lose its eloquence: "Well... just like the amount of sex I've ha-argB:;uibsr8vsshuv shviu8**AVSUhh" :P

Innocent Loverboy said...

"argB:;uibsr8vsshuv shviu8**AVSUhh" is a good way to write an orgasm sound, surely?

Anonymous said...

I dunno what sort of girls *you've* been sleeping with... :P

Gemz said...

I've not kissed that many people either - I just don't see the appeal in getting drunk and necking some random in a club.
Kisses can be better than sex, if with the right person.

Innocent Loverboy said...

Gemz: I agree.
Blacksilk: You wouldn't want to know. ;)

Jessie said...

I agree with gremz, kisses can be better than sex, would rather spend hours snoggleing (mixture of snoging and cuddling used by friends of mine)than a rushed 15mins with a guy in a club etc.....