Monday, 31 December 2007

Born of Frustration

I spent an unreasonably long time trying to achieve one orgasm last night - 'trying', and I think we all know what that means, from about half past ten (c.10:30) to one minute past 1 (01:01), unsuccessfully. Until the last half hour or so, however, orgasm wasn't on my mind; I was merely enjoying myself. Alas, no luck.

This brings back memories of passionate nights with various ladies (one in particular springs to mind) wherein, through cunnilingus, fingering, coitus and even dry sex or passionate kisses, I managed to induce orgasm once or more for her, while never even coming close myself. I'd like to say that it's because I'm a selfless giver, but that isn't the case; when thrown into the moment, although I give all I can get, sometimes I just can't reach climax. I suppose that's beneficial for the lady who (hey, she just signed on MSN! Weird!) just keeps on wanting more from the young and keen boy - and I do like pleasing ladies, so I guess that, although it's frustrating when on my own, an occasional lack of ability to orgasm works in my favour... especially when it's mistaken for an ability to 'get hard again rather easily'. Now, if only I had a girl to demonstrate this with...

When I finally did orgasm last night / this morning, I ended up in the bathroom, cleaning my teeth (which I realised I hadn't done yet). The look on my face in the mirror was priceless. My hair was in its natural place, although somewhat askew - presumably through me running my hand through it; my eyes, a deep blue as is normal, were slightly less open than usual; the place just below them was flushed bright red, a colour which crept down to my cheeks. I looked slightly dishevelled, vaguely flushed, and actually unusually sultry.

Any thoughts of "hey, I'm actually rather attractive post-orgasm" flittered away as I sank into my soft, king-sized bed, clutched my toy rabbit, and drifted off into a bizarrely dream-filled slumber, which culminated about an hour ago... three o'clock post meridan. I do love holidays.


Anonymous said...

Q) What's the difference between a single girl and ILB?

A) One clutches their Rabbit and has an orgasm, the other has an orgasm then clutches their rabbit :P

Sorry for the bad joke, its a genetic thing :)

Anyway, I sympathise. I got into bed at 1am last night and couldn't sleep for over 2 hours. So I figured maybe a little orgasm or three would send me off to sleep. Took for-fucking-ever. I hate when that happens, but circumstance plays a hell of a part in how easy it is for me, I guess.

Innocent Loverboy said...

I an in favour of that joke. Although I've never seen a vibrator that actually looks like a rabbit. But the sentiment is there...

I didn't masturbate at all yesterday, and didn't get to sleep either. But then again, being up until 3 because it was New Year's Eve and having drunk a lot of Coke probably didn't help. I was on such a caffeine buzz, it's a wonder I managed to stay in bed.

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered if maybe you have a little bit too much free-time on your hands?

Seriously, though, I would have given up a *lot* sooner than that.

You sound like a nice enough guy, but heck, there is a *lot* more to life than staying up half the night wanking.

Do you like books?

Innocent Loverboy said...

I agree; there is a lot more to life than that. Rest assured that I did, in fact, read a book after I went to bed.

Don't have me down as a masturbation addict. It's something a lot of people do; how long it takes me is usually irrelevant. This time, it was a rather odd amount of time.

Oh, and of course I have a lot of free time - I write a blog, for heaven's sake. ;)