Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Addiction II: Lickitung

I know blowjobs are popular. I don't exactly fail to see why - there is something about a girl's (or boy's, if you swing that way) mouth wrapped around your hard penis that isn't found anywhere else. It's much more delicate than a vagina, and there's always teeth and lips and a tongue to get in the way (or assist, depending on how you like your blowjob and what your girl will do for you!). Given the choice, I'd rather slide into a wet vagina. But a nice blowjob makes a good precursor to sex.

So why is cunnilingus so taboo?

OK, maybe it isn't actually taboo. I know it happens a lot of the time. You do see it prevalently in porn. Hard porn often has a man licking a girl out before they get down to it, and in the world of soft porn, there's nary an episode of Bedtime Stories which goes without it... probably because it's easy to film.
But let's put this into perspective... have you ever seen a hard porn scene which doesn't start with a blowjob? When I've had sex, it's rarely actually started with a BJ. For me, the necessary precursor is cunnilingus, which doesn't seem overly necessary to some porn directors... or some boys.

I love licking a girl out. It's so different from sliding a hard penis or finger into her, and it can really give her a lot of pleasure. There's a knack to it, too... a knack that, apparently, I have. I hope the girls aren't lying but, judging by the number of orgasms I've induced with my tongue, I should think not. There have even been times where all that's happened is me giving oral sex until she orgasms, and that's it.
The best way to lick a girl out is something like this:

(i) Her legs need to be open, but comfortable. If her legs are open for too long, her hips can get tired. (Seriously, you try it. It hurts.) If she's not comfortable, she won't enjoy it. You should be there for a long time (I've done about half an hour before), and that's important!
(ii) Start by licking her inner thighs. These babies don't get enough attention. If you tease her special area, she'll want it even more. It's best to start licking around her vulva, too.
(iii) If you get some on your cheek... forget it. It's your own saliva, for God's sake.
(iv) When you reach her vagina, lick all the way from top to bottom, and back up again. It just helps, okay? Trust me.
(v) You can sometimes work your tongue in a circular motion. I've always found that, if there's room to do this, spreading it clockwise in a steady rhythm really helps build yourself (and her) up.
(vi) Don't forget that there's a lot of space inside her. I've sometimes curled my tongue up and tried to slide it in. It really doesn't work. But try and get your tongue in a bit. It works for me.
(vii) The clitoris stimulates a girl. Whatever you do, get it hard. It can be found at the top of her folds and licked or sucked. But for the love of God remember it's there.
(viii) A girl's juices generally taste salty and slightly bitter. Personally, I think it tastes great. But remember to swallow. You don't want to go making too much of a mess if she's busy doing that already.
(ix) If she orgasms, just keep licking. And gulp it down. You'll know if she orgasms because there'll be a slight 'spreading' sensation around the area of your nose and mouth. She may also scream something like "I'm coming!", too. Er, but don't count on that.
(x) You may need to breathe. So just breathe deeply a few times and then keep going. It's not a contest to show your manliness, it's giving oral sex.
(xi) Don't stop until you're sure she wants you to stop. A good indication is when she's come once and seems to want more. Then I'd see if she's OK with you making love to her.

Of course, everyone is different. So I advise you, furthermore, to discard all the guidelines above and go with the flow. This is sex, it's not maths. I don't even like maths.
But if you've never licked a girl out, I really do advise you try it. It's gorgeous. North Pole 17 with Peter North and Ariah gives a good idea of what a fantastic orgasm you can yield with the power of your mouth!

And now I'm so hot I wish I had a girl to lick. I'm in the mood to spend a night with a pair of thighs clasped around my ears...


swallow said...

dammit, you speak the truth, boy!

now if anyone ever says to me, "but i don't want to lick you out," i can say, "but ilb thinks differently..."

i might need to go and, er, sort myself out a bit.

blacksilk said...

Great post :) I'd tend to describe female luuuuurve-juice as also being rather lemony. But I guess you cover that with 'bitter' :)

Also, I'd add that its important for the man to position himself well to get a decent angle and so as not to be uncomfortable for him. Certain positions are likely to give him neckache.

Kneeling over his face or lying on the edge of the bed with him kneeling on the floor are good ones for comfort for both people.

blacksilk said...

Oh and I completely forgot to mention this first time round but marvellous, marvellous title! The Pokemon reference did not escape me :)

Brilliant pun from a game I'm still addicted to :)

Innocent Loverboy said...

I prefer the "kneeling on the floor" technique if she's on a chair or a bed, but if it's a big bed I like to lay flat on my stomach and lick, because that's quite comfortable.

I guess the matter of comfort also applies to the hands - because they need to be somewhere too... interlocked with hers, or maybe paying attention to her breasts...

Thank God someone got the Pokémon reference! I'm playing Blue at the moment - third time around, IIRC.

blacksilk said...

I've never given much thought to hands, they can be a little awkward to bring into play it seems, though that'll depend on people and position.

I've lost count of the amount of times I've played Blue. In fact I'm playing it at the moment too :)
On my properly retro original grey brick of a Gameboy :D

(Despite Lickitung I never thought I'd ever be discussing carpet-munching and Pokemon at the same time :P)

Innocent Loverboy said...

Hee. I don't think I've ever played it on my GB Classic - I was one of the lucky ones to own a Super Game Boy, so I used that until Stadium came along with its GB Tower option. Then I got a Luigi-edition GBA-SP and all was right with the world!

Hmmm, sex and games. There's a hentai game in which one of the characters has sex with the protagonist while playing a game. I guess that's irony to some sort of dizzying height.

blacksilk said...

Ah yes, sex and games, don't get me started on that I'm just busy fending off these crazy feminists and when that's done I might finally getting around to the stupidity of the Yanks in censoring sex and leaving in extreme violence. Like Hot Coffee and Fahrenheit. "Sex? That's so wrong! Here, have some axe-murdering instead."

Innocent Loverboy said...

Seen the South Park movie?

"The United States has graphic violence on television all the time. We can't imagine why a film with some dirty language would piss you off so much."

blacksilk said...

Haha, yes that's true. Great film :)

20 sumthing and single said...

I'm all worked up just reading your post!
Although I find that if I get really really wet during oral sex I start to lose sensation, I personally prefer fingers and tongue at the same time! its unbelievable!
Love ur writing style, keep it up so more men are as informed as you are!